May Tidbits ~ Life Behind the Scenes

Well, if it is any indication of how busy things have been – I completely forgot to do our April tidbits post! haha. Wow. Busy season snuck up on us around here and things are just full speed ahead now! Since I posted quite a few other personal posts last month with April phone pics – I’m just going to go ahead and skim right on by that month. You all remember what happened… right?

We held our 2nd Annual CTP Client Party!!

We made lemonade out of lemons after a tough fertility appointment.

We spent Easter back in Wisconsin with my family!

We officially kicked off wedding season with some beautiful weddings!!

I collaborated with some amazing vendors for a Madhatter themed styled shoot!

We prepped for and did our first IUI.

Chloe wasn’t super happy about me having to take a day of rest after our IUI procedure and we got ready to move forward.


And now — on to May!!! May was a whirlwind of a month, complete with some gorgeous weddings, A MILLION ENGAGEMENT SESSIONS! haha, James’ birthday, our 5th wedding anniversary, Mother’s Day, the results to our first IUI (spoiler alert: it didn’t work), and moving on with our 2nd IUI which we did on our wedding anniversary (so random how that timing worked out)!!

Anyway – here is a look at the last month behind the scenes!


1. James getting his makeup done when he played double duty as model and photographer at our commercial shoot! 😉

2. Needless to say – we were all a bit wiped out the next day!

3. I think we may have no more blood to draw at this point… for reals!

4. Busy weekend of work followed by more and more doctor’s appointments = brunch splurge out at one of our favorite places in the city – STELLA’S!

5. James’ birthday dinner!!! Half Shell! Omnomnom. It was one of the first really beautiful nights and we took full advantage!

6. The next day I had blood drawn for my pregnancy test for our first IUI. I distracted myself by walking Chloe a lot that day while we waited for results to come in. It turns out I’ve done that a lot this month – since Chloe and I logged over 60 miles walking in May!! That’s 20 miles more than normal!




1. We found out I wasn’t pregnant, and thankfully had the best weekend ever to digest the news. We got to go home and spend Mother’s Day with my parents.

2. Oh, and we might have drowned our sorrows a *bit*…

3. And I stayed busy by going to my sister’s first market for her business, Rosewood and Brass!! Isn’t her booth gorgeous?!

4. We also learned that Chloe LOVES water from hoses while we were home that weekend! I think I shook the hose at her for a good 15 minutes just to watch her attack the water like a lunatic! haha

5. I made a friend at a newborn session that weekend. 😉

6. And I thoroughly enjoyed all the GORGEOUS blooms that were happening in May!!! Ah!



1. One of my favorite people of all time, my cousin Chelsea, came to visit for a pinch while she was doing her midwest tour with Derek!

2. Another month of fertility treatments begins! No time to pout – off we went! More blood work. More ultrasounds.

3. One of my favorite places to be – enjoying a relaxing start to my day on the back deck, with a good book and Chloe by my feet. 🙂

4. These two. That is all. 🙂

5. A little candid I snapped at the end of our double date night with Lauren and Gary. James and Lauren having a moment. And to think, Lauren used to not really like affection from James… it appears she’s warmed up to it! 🙂 Awww!!!

6. After our double date night – we had to head straight home for my Ovidrel shot! Weee!!! This month everything went much faster than last month – and so I only had to go to the doc two times before finding out I was ready to trigger ovulation!



1. The next day was our pseudo anniversary, since our IUI was scheduled for our actual anniversary. So we celebrated as you do… with margaritas and deep dish covered in olives!

2. Sometimes Facebook is okay. Like when it compiles a bunch of my favorite pics of James and I and lets me know it is our anniversary.

3. Post-IUI relaxation at home (per doctor’s orders). This time we got smart though and blew up the air mattress in the living room for recovery – so I had access to TV and could more easily get some work done too (thanks to J’s laptop and nurse Chloe)!

4. Later that day we got ice cream, because, when you’re recovering from procedures – ice cream is always a good idea. (Chloe wanted some too.)

5. These last two pics I just had to share. Chloe likes to pin James down and lick his head – I find it hilarious, obviously.

6. Then when she is done with him – she stands on him in triumph! haha



I can’t believe that was all May AND how quickly to flew by! Here’s to rolling with the punches, and making the best out of all of it! xoxo

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