5-Year Anniversary & Crazy Timing ~ Our Infertility Journey

Well, James and I were supposed to be heading up to the Heidel House in Green Lake, Wisconsin today (where we were married) to ring in our 5th wedding anniversary (which is Friday, the 23rd)… but it looks like plans have changed! We had hoped to spend a day reminiscing about our wedding and unwinding at the spot where it all went down 5 years ago, followed by a day with my parents back at home, before heading back to Chicago for our wedding this Sunday – but apparently my body had other plans.


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For whatever reason – this month our fertility treatments are moving along 4 days faster than things were last month because my body decided it should be so?! So unexpected, but at the same time nice to know I won’t have to administer a shot in my stomach in the handicap stall of a women’s bathroom during a wedding reception again this cycle!!

Yesterday I went in for my 2nd appointment this month to see how things are progressing (i.e. measuring the size of the follicles on my ovaries via ultrasound in order to tell how soon I will ovulate, & checking hormone levels through blood work) and we got a surprise! I was already very very close to ovulation, which meant we needed to trigger ovulation with the Ovidrel shot before my body did it on its own (which I did last night)! This way we know exactly when I will ovulate to give us the best possible scenario for our IUI.

As I’m sure you figured out – this timing also moves our IUI four days sooner than I had thought it would happen and puts our procedure smack dab on the morning of our 5th wedding anniversary – tomorrow, May 23rd! What are the odds?! If things had gone as they normally do – this wouldn’t have been happening until early next week! But for whatever reason my body went into hyperdrive and was ready to ovulate 4 days sooner than normal.


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Anyway – since we had planned to take today and tomorrow off to celebrate our anniversary back in Wisconsin, we’re going to still attempt to do so in Chicago. Since I’ll be laid up in bed on Friday after the procedure, we are taking advantage of today to get out and enjoy our ‘anniversary’ together (even though it is tomorrow) – especially since we already had the day set to have “off” months ago.

I really can’t believe it has already been 5-years since we said “I do!” in front of all our loved ones! It has been quite the ride… nothing like I expected… but better than I could have ever dreamed! I love you James Tyler! I wouldn’t change a minute of our lives together and cannot wait to see what the future holds!! xoxo!


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I hope you all enjoy a fabulous Memorial Day weekend! See you back here Tuesday after the long weekend! xoxo

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*Wedding photos by Jon Hamblin & Patrick Sablan

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