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FAQ: Quarantine Tips for working from home (with kids)

James and I took our business full time back in 2011 so we’ve been working together from home for 9 years now, and the last 4 of those years we worked from home with little children underfoot! 😉 So this whole “self quarantine at home” situation doesn’t really feel new to us because this has...

FAQ: Airline Travel Tips for Twin Toddlers ~ Baby Travel Tips

We just got back from our second big trip with the boys and I’ve been getting non-stop travel questions from people so I figured I’d just do a big comprehensive post here!!     First of all – here are the details of our trips: A) The first trip we took when the boys were...

FAQ: Favorite Shops for Baby Boy Clothing ~ Holiday Shopping Ideas

I get asked this question nearly every single day – and while I don’t feel like I really do anything special to dress the boys other than dress them kind of how James and I normally do (i.e. comfortable and casual without any big logos on their clothes) – I get asked this question a...

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