FAQ: Favorite Shops for Baby Boy Clothing ~ Holiday Shopping Ideas

I get asked this question nearly every single day – and while I don’t feel like I really do anything special to dress the boys other than dress them kind of how James and I normally do (i.e. comfortable and casual without any big logos on their clothes) – I get asked this question a LOT. So I figured I’d finally just write a post about it!!


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First I’ll start by saying: I’ve never been a big fan of sayings on kids’ clothes (Like, “I run this place!” “I’m the king of this castle” or anything like that). I’m also not really into stereotypical stuff or pegging kids into gender-specific interests… like princess stuff for girls (I for some reason hated all that when I was a little girl and I never could shake it! haha) and am not a big fan of pegging boys into all the “Champ,” sports, and car/truck things (though now that the boys expressed interest in cars/trucks on their own they have some pjs they love with cars & trucks on them). Anyway – that being said – we are all about letting kids be kids and that is also evident in how we’ve always dressed our boys! We want them to be comfortable first and foremost so they can explore the world around them and play like kids should!

So here is a list of some of our favorite spots to get clothes for the boys and why we love each of them (for different reasons):

Carters / Oshkosh B’Gosh

Why I love them: These stores always have great sales (sign up for the rewards card, for sure!) and also have lots of bulk options (like 4-5 onesies of different coordinating colors) in one pack. For a twin mama this was clutch. I got more bang for my buck and I like to have the boys coordinate (but not wear the same exact thing usually) so this always works great! Carters was really ideal for those teeny infant stages!

I also love Oshkosh B’Gosh for toddler age specifically because their pants have hidden adjustable waistbands – which has come in really handy as the boys graduated to 18-24 month old clothes and need longer stuff, but also need the pants to stay on their skinny minny selves!

Things to Note: The clothes are pretty comfy but can run a bit small, and definitely shrink when you wash them! They also hold up pretty well through wear and tear of babyhood.

Favorite Baby Boy Clothing Stores by Christy Tyler Photography_0001Favorite Baby Boy Clothing Stores by Christy Tyler Photography_0002



Why I love them: All sorts of options for onesies, baseball tees, sweatshirts and PJs that come in just plain old solid colors (of all hues)!!!

Things to Note: We had issues with some of the zippers on the hoodies being really hard to get up and not holding up so well. The fabric is wonderfully soft though and we really love the baseball tees and footy pajamas most!

Favorite Baby Boy Clothing Stores by Christy Tyler Photography_0011



Why I love them: Phenomenal quality! They are pricey though and so we only buy here on sale, but there is a reason they cost more – the quality really does stand out. They also have some crazy cute stuff, dang it.

Things to Note: They can run a bit bigger, so they are great for transitional ages when they are outgrowing one size in everything else, but too small for the next size up – usually the GAP options we have fit them for longer!

Favorite Baby Boy Clothing Stores by Christy Tyler Photography_0005Favorite Baby Boy Clothing Stores by Christy Tyler Photography_0004


H&M (online)

Why I love them: On trend pieces that are seriously too dang cute for words. They are also super reasonably priced, as far as I’m concerned!!

Things to Note: They run really big. Like, the boys wore 6-9 month clothes when they were 12-18 months and now are wearing 9-12 month clothes when they are almost 21 months!! Just make sure to read their sizing specifics for height and weight so you buy the right size for your kiddo! The boys winter coats you see them in all the time right now are from H&M! (Pictured a few images down)

Favorite Baby Boy Clothing Stores by Christy Tyler Photography_0009


Childhoods Clothing

Why I love them: Literally THE COZIEST OF THE COZY clothes!!! I wish they made adult sizes!! If we could afford to only shop here, I would. haha. This is a small husband and wife run company and all the pieces are made from high quality, laundered fabric milled in America – which we obviously love!

Things to Note: People tend to scoff at the prices of this company ($50 for kids pjs?! $14 for a beanie, and $32 for pants?!) – but honestly – I can tell you we’ve definitely gotten our money’s worth out of every. single. piece. we’ve ever bought from here. I bought the boys oversized sweatshirts when they were 6 months old (bought the 6-12 month size) and they can still wear them now!! (The clothing is oversized and meant to be comfy – so our boys have managed to wear each piece for a full year or more before outgrowing it!! In baby clothes – THAT IS A LIFETIME.) So yes, other companies are cheaper, but they will outgrow it in months usually and then you’ll have to buy another round of clothes before you know it. Also, the quality if phenomenal.

Favorite Baby Boy Clothing Stores by Christy Tyler Photography_0010Favorite Baby Boy Clothing Stores by Christy Tyler Photography_0013



Why I love them: We’ve only ever gotten pajamas from them – but love love love them because they last forever and are just great quality with super cute patterns. They are also nice and long and slender so they fit our boys really well, including their big feet!!

Things to note: Depending where you get them – you can find some steals! Shop around to see where is best at the moment! Sometimes certain designs or fabrics will be more on Amazon than others!

Favorite Baby Boy Clothing Stores by Christy Tyler Photography_0003


Old Navy

Why I love them: You never have to buy anything full price, it’s easy to pop in and find something quickly, and they almost always have two versions of a similar shirt so I can find coordinating outfits! They also have great holiday themed options and basics for a great price.

Things to note: These seem to shrink up pretty easily so make sure to buy the right size with room to shrink!

Favorite Baby Boy Clothing Stores by Christy Tyler Photography_0007


Let me know if I forgot anything!! These tend to be our “Go To” spots for shopping for the boys, though we’ve gotten a few things elsewhere or from friends as hand me downs too!! Feel free to reach out anytime if you are specific questions about any outfit – I’m always happy to share!!!

Happy shopping!! 😉 XOXO

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