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Easy Berry Baked Oatmeal ~ Healthy Kids’ Breakfast Ideas

I don’t know about you guys – but I’m always on the look out for some new (& easy!) options to feed the boys for meals and breakfast is no different! The first time I ever had baked oatmeal was at this adorable little cafe in Fontana, WI for my sister’s 40th birthday spa weekend...

Grapefruit Negroni Fizz ~ Springtime Cocktail Recipe

Any real mixologists or bartenders out there might be shaking their head at me right now because a true Negroni is made with gin, Campari, sweet vermouth, and a twist of orange… however, I love this twist on the classic! It is a bit lighter and more refreshing… not to mention relatively low-calorie as far as...

Tangy & Light Classic Potato Salad ~ Summer Salad Recipes

We have so many hard boiled eggs left from Easter, so I thought I’d use some of them up in this tasty recipe!!! I’m trying to get back on track with posting recipes since you guys keep reminding me to do so! 😉 This is one of my favorite summer recipes – perfect for barbeques!...

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