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Mom’s Apple Crisp Recipe ~ Easy Fall Dessert Recipes

This is one of my absolute favorite dessert recipes because it reminds me of fall when I was a kid (and because it is delicious)! As an adult I appreciate it because it makes a reasonable amount for James and I to eat over the course of a few days (or a night… if we’re...

Greek Pasta Salad ~ Healthy Picnic Recipes

It’s been a while since I shared a recipe and I promised this one to quite a few of you a LONG time ago… so here it is! You only have to promise me one thing – that you come back later today to check out Michelle & Tim’s stunning Salvage One wedding!!! That’ll be...

Chicken, Artichoke, & Mushroom Casserole ~ Comfort Food Recipe

I promised to share more recipes here – so I’m doing my best to keep my promise! 😉 Today I’m going to share a recipe I actually made up myself when our car was broken down and I had to use what we already had in the cupboards to make some dinner! It is perfect...

Mini Bundt Banana Bread Recipe

I’ve been promising for a while now that I would start blogging more recipes I love… so I’m going to start now! 😉 I have a few recipes on the list to share – so keep an eye out for more to come! Today I’m excited to share my mom’s banana bread recipe! I’m obsessed...

Homemade Chicken Pot Pie ~ Easy Comfort Food Recipe

I’ve been meaning to share this recipe for so long that in my mind I actually thought I had already posted a blog about it! But after doing a little blog search, I quickly found out that I was mistaken. And since I planned to make chicken pot pie for dinner last night – I...

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