Looking in from the outside ~ Our Infertility Journey

I’ve been trying to transition to not only shooting film on vacations and trips we take, but also shooting it at home just for the heck of it – instead of constantly documenting life with my iPhone around here.

Last month after we had a particularly difficult doctor’s appointment, we went out for lunch and margaritas (as you do), and came home to relax with Chloe. For some reason I just really wanted to take out the film camera and take some pictures…

Maybe it was the way the light was coming through our living room window…

… or the way we were feeling…

… or because photography always makes me feel better…

… or the quiet afternoon at home that felt normal and beautiful all at the same time…

… or maybe it was a combination of all of that.

And so I did. (And James even agreed to let me, which isn’t always the case… haha.)

Here are the resulting images of my loves (& a little self-timer I jumped in at the end for good measure, of course).




The funny thing about film is that I often forget what I shot (for personal work, anyway), so getting it back is always a surprise. When these came back something about these images made my heart flutter.

I had forgotten about that difficult day and those feelings I had… I had even forgotten I took any photos at all. But looking back on them through the images we captured, I felt different. It was as if I was viewing us looking in from the outside for a change.

I saw something remarkably quiet and wonderful about these moments captured… something strong and grounded.

I saw love at its core.  

I saw our beautiful little family, just as it is now… in this moment… which has been, and always will be more than enough for me. 

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