The Day Is Here! ~ Our Infertility Journey

Well you guys, today is the day. James and I have our IUI scheduled for this morning and will find out whether or not it was successful on Mother’s Day weekend (either amazing timing, or terribly painful timing… we shall see).

I was so relieved on Friday after my appointment when we got word the IUI wouldn’t be until today! (I was so worried we’d have to rush back Sunday for it, or do it before the wedding Saturday.) Instead we had a whirlwind of a weekend in Madison for Ashley and Brian’s absolutely beautiful and moving wedding day, and managed to see friends and family while we were there too, which was so so nice!




I gave myself the Ovidrel shot to trigger ovulation during dinner at the wedding on Saturday (locking myself in a bathroom stall with alcohol wipes, bandaids, and a pre-filled shot… so glamorous! ;)), went out to enjoy cheese curds and beer at Vintage Brewing Co (our fave!) after the wedding, and crashed at our dear friends’ house that night. We stayed up much too late talking in bed – like best friends at a sleepover or something… haha, and enjoyed a night getting to actually lay next to each other in bed without a 60 lb dog separating us! (I think we both forgot what cuddling felt like! haha)




Sunday we slept in, enjoyed breakfast made by our (much too kind) friends, and then stopped by my sister’s to say hi and spend some time with the kiddos before heading out.




On our way out of town we stopped at another Madison favorite, Michael’s Frozen Custard, for burgers, fries, and of course shared a turtle sundae (as we do) for lunch and then hit the road.

Needless to say, I was so exhausted last night I had trouble getting much of anything done when we got back around 7pm. Even if I had the energy to do any work – Chloe was not having it! I sat down at my desk to back-up the wedding and immediately got yelled at by her! haha! She seriously just barked and glared at me until I stepped away from the computer. I knew she missed us and just wanted some love, so I picked her up and sat us both on the couch… next thing I know this giant pup is asleep on my chest and not interested in me going anywhere. 🙂 Maybe that’s how it was supposed to be and was the perfect end to our night – as we watched more Planet Earth and had a low-key night in preparation for today’s big day.




So here we go… another step in this crazy journey that has somehow managed to bring James and I closer together than ever. This weekend was the perfect reminder that as long as we have each other – we have enough. We had the best time Saturday night enjoying our late night snack and beers, and then later talking until all hours in bed. I’m certain that no matter how this all goes we will be okay and just as happy as ever… as long as we’re together.

Here’s to whatever the future holds, and to things happening as they are meant to be.

(Thanks again for all your love and support, friends. It means the world. xoxo)

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