National Infertility Awareness Week ~ A Call for your Positive Energy & A Giant Thank You

Those of you who follow me elsewhere (most notably Twitter and Instagram) may have seen me post already about National Infertility Awareness Week (#NIAW). I’m so happy that in 2010 it became a federally recognized health observance by the Department of Health and Human Services! (Isn’t it crazy that this only happened a few years ago?!) And James and I are so happy we’re able to bring more awareness to people and openly share our story with you guys (and cannot thank you enough for your amazing, amazing support).

Elsewhere this week I’ve shared a few different articles (which you all should check out if you have time, pleeeeease), including: facts about infertility“fertility friendliness” in our country (which is pretty weak, if you ask me… but thankfully we live in Illinois – which got an “A”!!), and infertility etiquette (I don’t necessarily agree with every single point in this article, but overall it is a great read for people looking to be more sensitive to those dealing with infertility. To start – let’s just all agree never again to tell people dealing with infertility that they just need to “relax” or “take a vacation” and they’ll get pregnant… okay? Okay! 😉 That would be a great place to start! haha)




Anyway, all this is to bring more awareness (as always) and to give you guys a quick update to say that we are really in the thick of things right now with our first cycle. I’m not going to lie, I’m hopeful (very, very much so), so much so in fact that I occasionally catch myself trying to stifle the flame – for fear if I have too much hope then the disappointment if this doesn’t work will be even more painful. I’m trying not to let myself think that way and just focus on the positive, but sometimes our minds go elsewhere…. don’t they?

I feel like I’m rambling, but this is all to say that James and I are so, so incredibly hopeful. And I think a big part of that is because we are not going through this alone. Being open about this journey and sharing each appointment, and each step with you all has been some kind of therapy I cannot even begin to explain. I’m getting choked up over here just writing this because I wish I could give you each a giant hug through this silly computer. I remember back to the times when we were going through this alone and just can’t even… I don’t know how or why we did it, but I’m so happy we’ve chosen together to share this journey.

I can only hope that it is helping others out there dealing with this to know that they are not alone & that it is OK to share this with people… to educate others… to look for a support system… and be open about the impact going through this has on your lives… And I also hope it is helping to educate those who (so thankfully) haven’t had to struggle with this so that they can better support their family and friends going through it (and in general be more aware and sensitive about asking people personal questions about starting families, and having babies).




And now the update: I had another appointment yesterday for blood work and ultrasound to see how I’m progressing. For those who know anything about these numbers… my follicle on my right ovary was 15.9 mm (when they get to about 18mm is when they would want me to take the Ovidrel shot to trigger/force ovulation), and since they can grow by 1-2 mm per day they called me after my appointment to let me know they’d like me to come in this morning for more blood work and another ultrasound to see how things are going. If they’ve grown enough I could take the Ovidrel shot tonight and do IUI early tomorrow morning before we leave for Madison for Ashley and Brian’s wedding (cannot wait for their big day!!! Eee!!!). If they don’t grow enough I’ll have to go in early Saturday (before we leave for the wedding again) and see how I’m progressing with more blood work and another ultrasound. If they’ve grown enough at that point then I would do the shot after the wedding Saturday night and IUI early Sunday morning (which means a late night drive back to Chicago from the wedding).

Anyway, I’m pretty sure we are within a day or two of the big day and so if we could get all of your positive thoughts and good vibes coming our way … that would be amazing!!! Here’s to what is sure to be one crazy weekend full of way too much probing and needle pricks… but hopefully worth it all times 1 million in the end.

If you want to follow along more closely check out Instagram under by searching #ctpfertilityjourney (or @christytylerphoto) to stay up to date with what is happening each day.

THANK YOU all again a bajillion million trillion times over for your support and love. It means the world to us. Have a fabulous weekend! xoxo

(And you know I had to share pics of flowers (albeit from a few years ago) because there’s something about spring and flowers and new things growing and blooming that is so hopeful… isn’t there?! Love it.)

**UPDATE AS OF FRIDAY AFTERNOON: We got word I will be giving myself the Ovidrel shot Saturday night to trigger ovulation, doing the IUI this coming Monday morning, and will go in for blood work (pregnancy test) on May 9th!! Send all the best juju in the world to us… pretty please and thank you! xoxo!

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