Personal Photo Books Updated ~ Artifact Uprising Review

I recently ordered some more personal photo books from Artifact Uprising and I promised you guys a post with pictures, so here it is!!!

As I mentioned in the past, I really really love Artifact Uprising for personal photos – from day to day snaps to trips/vacations! I finally made a point to order another year of Chloe Instagrams (I know.. I’m THAT dog lady… haha), and got our Hawaii trip all put into one hardcover book as well! (I wouldn’t use them for wedding albums though, since I prefer something with sturdier pages and more heirloom quality for that.)

(Here is a link to my previous post from our first order, if you’re curious to see more of some other designs I’ve done through them!)




As usual, I’m loving them and trying to leave them out on our coffee table so when guests come by they can page through and enjoy them too! Now I just need to order a hardcover book of our East Coast Trip last spring and I’m caught up on our trip books!! Oh – and I’d really love to do some of their new signature prints soon too!!! SO. MUCH. PRETTY.




Here are the little 5.5″ x 5.5″ Instagram books I designed with their easy drag & drop program!




And here is the 8.5″ x 8.5″ Hardcover 140-page book with partial slipcover I designed from our trip to Hawaii! I especially love this one this time around because I used a lot more photos and therefore needed more pages – so it feels more substantial!! (Heads up though, have a good idea of how many pages you need before you choose if you want to design the 50-page, 100-page, or 150-page book… because if you end up needing more pages than the design allows it doesn’t let you upgrade to the bigger design!! I chose the 100-page book, which allows you to add up to 140 pages, and got to page 140 and still needed to add the last day of our trip… but it wouldn’t let me upgrade to the larger book, so I ended up having to delete some photos and spreads so I could fit our whole trip in the book!! Argh!!!! I wish they had an option to just upgrade to the next larger book with the design you already created… my only complaint!)




Here are examples of some of the spreads!




And now through Sunday, April 27th, get 10% off with the code MOMSDAY, or email me ( and I can send you a “refer a friend” code for 10% off!!




Happy Thursday, friends!

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