Antsy & Moving Forward ~ Our Infertility Journey

Friends, I cannot thank you enough for your amazing support yesterday when James and I went through our first IUI. It was so unbelievably wonderful to have you all sending us well wishes and cheering us on as we took our next step towards building the family we’ve dreamed of.

All that being said… I am ready to move forward!!! I feel like this has been so all consuming in our lives (and posts – because I wanted to share the FULL PROCESS with you all), but I’m ready for a new topic!! haha I know this journey may not be over, but for the next 10 days I want to keep this all as far from my mind as possible! Not to mention – I’m just SO antsy to get back to work & back to normal (especially since yesterday I was told to head home and lay low… which had Chloe just as frustrated as me)! haha




She kept barking at me while I laid in bed, and then when I was up and moving later in the day I found the situation in the photo above in our bathroom… haha! Thankfully she eventually calmed down and joined me on the couch while I worked on this blog post on J’s laptop. 🙂

We have a lot of other stuff coming your way soon that I can’t wait to share!! Most importantly – Ashley and Brian’s beautiful wedding we documented in Madison this past weekend!!




And now things really take off with busy season – session after session, meeting after meeting, and our commercial shoot this coming Saturday in Chicago – which we are SO excited about!!! I’m thankful to be busy the next 10 days so hopefully they will fly by, and keep my mind distracted with lots of work and doing what we love!! 🙂

So here we go!!! Let’s get back to it! xoxo

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