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So many people asked to see the results of our commercial shoot after I blogged our ‘behind the scenes’ pics from the day – that I figured I better do a post with some of the pics for you guys to see how it came out!!

It was such a great experience for us and we just loved getting to switch things up from our ‘normal’ routine around here! It was a challenge learning how to produce a commercial photo shoot, but one that we happily accepted! We never stop learning and growing with this little business of ours, and taking that next step to do something big like this together was really so great for James and I!

We learned (once again) that we really make an awesome team! From the estimate, to the planning, casting, and wardrobe day… all the way through to the shoot day – things went so smoothly and we couldn’t have asked for anything more!! I think the best thing for us about this whole thing was that because we were able to produce the shoot, and not just shoot it – we were able to make conscious choices about who we worked with – and as such were able to Pay It Forward to help out a local school, and some truly amazing (& deserving) middle school kids, who we hired as our ‘models’ for the shoot!

And like I mentioned in the last post, the company was so happy with the results that they asked us to produce and shoot two more similar concept shoots for elementary and high school aged-kids!! We cannot wait!!

Here is a sampling of the images from our first shoot! Just to give you a little background: the company wanted us to capture realistic documentary-style teaching moments… with close, personal interaction, focusing on the magic of what happens in a real classroom… the “teaching” moment and the student/teacher relationship – along with some portraits, and images with technology as well. So here it is! (You’ll notice that James stood in as a teacher/model, as well as shot with me – so he really wore all the hats on shoot day!)

Oh – and I couldn’t let you guys scroll through without telling you that hair & makeup was done by the super talented and lovely: Debra Petrielli, and wardrobe styling was done by the awesomely talented: Rachel Bare Styling! We love working with both of these amazing women and are so excited they’ll be a part of the next two shoots as well!!!




Happy Monday everybody!

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