Behind the Scenes: Commercial Shoot + A Celebration ~ Chicago Commercial Photographer

The big shoot James and I were so excited to produce for an awesome company happened on Saturday! It felt like we had been preparing for it forever … scoping locations, holding a casting call, a wardrobe day, and lots of emails back and forth with the company – so it was exciting that it was finally here!!! (We were so excited, in fact, we didn’t get a whole lot of sleep the night before… haha.)

We had the most beautiful bright and sunny day for it and we’re SO HAPPY to say that it went great!! We shot at a local middle school (literally around the corner from our house) and cast real teachers and students to be our models for the education-based company we worked with. These kids were all so wonderful (not to mention beautiful) and SO EXCITED to be a part of this shoot!! It was really awesome to be able to use this blessing to pay it forward and bless others in our immediate community – including the charter school itself, the teachers, and students … such a humbling and awesome experience, truly.

We had the fabulous Debbie Petrielli handling hair and makeup, and the oh-so-talented (beyond her years) Rachel Bare to style it!

Here are just a few behind the scenes pics from our day!



Rachel & Debbie doing there thing! 🙂


And end of the day pic of the group!! (Can you spot James? haha)


We let some of the kids try our cameras… success! 😉


And I just had to post one of this super handsome guy, who was not only a photographer for the shoot, but also doubled/acted as a “teacher.”



It was such an amazing experience from start to finish and really challenged us in a new way (we’d never produced an entire shoot before!), and we loved it so much!!! So it’s even more exciting that we got news from the company late Saturday night that they’re interested in using us for two more similar shoots!!! Needless to say we said OF COURSE WE’D LOVE TO!!!! YAYYY!!!

Happy Monday, friends! xoxo

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