Reality, Reasoning, and a Sneak Peek ~ Chicago Engagement Photographer

Alright friends… I’ve tried to reason with myself a million different ways over this for the last few weeks… but the truth is that I just need to face reality.

And that reality is: things have just gotten too busy to blog 5 times a week during wedding season around here. (And if I feel this way after we’ve barely started wedding season, I know I’ll feel even more this way in the coming weeks!) So I will be cutting Fridays out of our blogging routine (for now). No worries – I will still be here Monday through Thursday – FOUR DAYS a week!! Just no more Fridays.

You all know how much I LOVE to write and share our stories & those of our clients, but I feel like during busy season I just don’t have the mental space to write as well as I would like to 5 days a week. More importantly, I really just don’t have the time to blog 5 times a week during this time of the year! Many weeks we have weddings on Fridays… more often than not we are prepping for Saturday’s wedding (& managing a million other tasks around the office)… and the rare weekend we don’t have a wedding – I have one million other things to catch up on. So, holding myself to writing a blog post for Fridays when we are running around like chickens with our heads cut off… just doesn’t make sense right now! 🙂 Especially because I would rather post 4 blogs I really had time to focus on and put my heart into, than just throw a blog post up every day because I told myself I HAVE to.

Basically – life has gotten a little overwhelming… and in line with yesterday’s post about showing myself some grace – this is it. I am releasing the pressure on myself to blog every single day during busy season. Ahhhh!

If I have something super important to share or have a slower than normal week (which is a rarity… haha), I may post something on an occasional Friday (so keep following me on Facebook and Twitter for updates and links to the blog just in case!!). But for the most part – in the words of the ever popular movie, Frozen.… I just have to, “Let it goooooo! Let it gooooo!!!!” (You’re welcome. Now you have that song in your head for the rest of the day! 😉 haha)

I want to focus on our clients and getting their work back to them as fast as possible, and that takes precedence, always. Speaking of getting clients’ sessions back to them – I have quite a few beauties waiting behind the scenes to get blogged & out to clients!! Here is a sneak peek at what is to come, and what we’ve been so busy with lately!! Obviously I’ve been spending some time with some beautifully in love and amazing people lately!!! Here they are!!


Jaime + Marisa



Diane + Matt



Beth, Brett, and baby Kate!



Nora + Bryan



Jessica + Wyatt



I mean, seriously… how lucky are we to do this for a living?! Love love love our clients, and this life we are so blessed to lead!

Happy weekending everybody! We are off to Michigan to capture the sure to be beautiful wedding of Ashley + Matt!!

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