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Life Lately + Tidbits Catch Up ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

Happy Friday, friends!!! I have to say – I’m loving this 3x a week blog post thing because it allows me a couple days each week to REALLY FOCUS on just doing the work. And the days I get to blog I feel all excited about it and anxious to get writing! Win-Win!! Anyway, I...

My Happies ~ A Series Revisited

Back in 2012 (was that really THREE YEARS AGO?!) I started a series where I talked about “my happies”  – a word I made up for “anything that makes you happy.” I’m a huge believer that happiness is a choice, and believe that we should do our best to choose to move forward and onward with our lives every....

Christmas in the City & Something New: A Whole Weekend Off!

This past weekend I actually took the entire weekend off (aside from drafting a blog post for Monday & a few urgent emails) – I really didn’t work all weekend! I honestly cannot remember the last time that was the case, and it really felt so amazing! On Monday I was itching to get back...

November Tidbits ~ Life Behind the Scenes of one Crazy Month

Whew. Looking back on the photos from November – it was crazy hard to narrow this down because SO MUCH happened in November. Wow. It was wonderful in a lot of ways and incredibly difficult in a lot of other ways. We had a busy month of work with lots of meetings, 7 shoots, 4 weddings, and...

October Tidbits ~ Life Behind the Scenes

First of all, I have to say a giant THANK YOU to all of our wonderful clients for being so gracious and understanding while we spent some time out of the office to grieve my grandma’s passing and celebrate her life with family. I cannot say enough how wonderful each and every client has been...

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