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Happy Friday, friends!!! I have to say – I’m loving this 3x a week blog post thing because it allows me a couple days each week to REALLY FOCUS on just doing the work. And the days I get to blog I feel all excited about it and anxious to get writing! Win-Win!!

Anyway, I wanted to get you all up to date on life lately over at the Tyler house as well as play catch up on December and January tidbits posts – which I apparently failed greatly at posting!! haha. Oops.


So let’s start with life lately…

1. In case you missed it on Facebook or Instagram or last week’s date night postI got a concussion last Thursday night when James and I went ice skating. I’ve never had a head injury before – so this is a whole new world for me. As it turns out – head injuries are weird in that no one can see you are hurting, and yet you don’t feel like yourself – which is kind of awful. My head was aching and I was crazy (almost puking) nauseous the first night (and barely slept thanks to that) – which led me to go to the doctor the next day to make sure everything was okay. She just did the general concussion testing on me – confirmed I had a mild concussion, but didn’t think I needed any head scans or what not. She told me to take it easy for as long as my body told me I needed to: to limit screen time, sleep as much as needed, take it easy on exercise, avoid alcohol, and allow my brain to recover. I had been doing that for the most part, although I taught a Beginner Photography Workshop on Sunday that when I was finished left my brain feeling like total mush and throbbing quite a bit. Then Monday & Tuesday I thought I was better, so I tried to catch up on work and got our taxes out (whoa – screen time, spreadsheets & numbers), which led me to feeling like my brain had been run over by a truck on Wednesday.

Anyway – this is all to say that my deadlines for February (hi, I was supposed to have my Beautiful site launched today!) – have been pushed back a little bit. I couldn’t do my taxes when I had them scheduled because I needed to rest my brainy brain brain, and so everything got shifted back a bit. I’m telling myself this is OK. Because it is OK. Yes yes yes. (Convincing myself here. haha)

2. We are in the last couple days of our Full Scholarship Giveaway for The Workshop in March!!! If you haven’t already entered – go do it!! 🙂 Also – we have just a couple seats left for the workshop – so if your name isn’t the one announced on Monday – you should definitely still join us!! Especially if this time of the year leaves you feeling all anxious and stressed … money, taxes, budgeting, trying to make ends meet …. make that a thing of the past and get your business rolling on the right track for 2015!! You just have to take the steps to take charge and make it happen!!! Tune in Monday to see who the winner is!!

3. As mentioned above – I’m working hard on our Beautiful Site behind the scenes and SO EXCITED to get this going!! I plan to launch this before we leave for San Francisco next week for an engagement session for one of our amazing 2015 couples that lives out there!! So look for all the Beautiful Session goodness & launch here on the blog next WEDNESDAY!! Woo hoo!!!!


So – let’s move on to our tidbits!! I realize December feels like forever ago – but I don’t care!! 😉 Feel free to time travel with me there if you so choose! 😉


1. As the temperatures dropped, someone got extra cozy waaaaay under the covers at night! haha!

2. The holidays had me loving my vintage inspired costume jewelry and flannel scarves more than ever!

3. I couldn’t resist documenting these yard decorations in Chicago! “And then Santa visited baby Jesus in the manger….”  LOL.

4. Chloe was getting a bit gimpy from the high jump off our bed, so we got stairs for her. She was definitely not so sure about them to start! (But now she uses them like a champ!)

5. Outtakes of a very excitable version of myself…. Christmas tree decorating + my favorite beverage + Packer football on TV?! = my version of HEAVEN.

6. This guy was studying like a madman this fall semester!! Wrapping up the last bit of his semester with finals in December was no joke!



1. And then he did it!! Another semester down – only 9 million more to go! 😉 haha… I kid, I kid.

2. I cried my way through an adoption informational meeting and we made some new plans for 2015

3. I enjoyed some down time mid-December and got to be a tourist in my own city!!

4. Chloe’s obsession with our Christmas tree grew and grew…

5. I got another pair of earrings to obsess over and pretty much wear them non-stop now!

6. We hit up a double date night with these two crazy kids!



1. Home for Christmas in Wisconsin with the fam – and killing time by digging through our old closet and trying on some old clothes of ours from high school!!! LOL. Oh my word… for real. My sister and I nearly peed our pants laughing at some of them!

2. This little girl and her favorite little pup. LOVE.

3. A picture we got for Christmas from our niece & nephews. I dare say this is the best gift I’ve ever received. They were even accurate with James & my abnormally long arms, and Chloe’s ears… and cat-like features….???? hahaha

4. I was pretty proud of the braid I did ALL BY MYSELF – so took this crazy photo to send to my (soon to be) sister-in-law, who is the braiding queen!

5. Put a bow on her, she’s done, folks!

6. Ringing in the New Year as we walked to our car after our final wedding of the year on New Year’s Eve!!



On to JANUARY we go… running head first into a bright, shiny, new year!!!

1. Chloe was guarding the ornaments with her life…. “You will not take down my Christmas tree, mom!!” haha

2. Veeeerrrry late night dinner/breakfast before our flight out for Vieques!!

3. Landed in Vieques and James got in the tropical mood with Chelsea’s “tourist” hat we found in her car! LOL. (He’s going to kill me for posting this!)

4. Vieques. *sigh*

5. In the month of January I realized that Amy Poehler and I are basically the same person. Seriously though. haha. So much of what she says in her book are things I have thought for years, and so many of her stories of her childhood remind me of mine!!! LOVED the book. READ IT if you haven’t!!

6. Vieques. Again. *sigh*



1. I think my #1 favorite moment in Vieques!! It was spontaneous (after a few too many margaritas) and oh-so-fun!!! This picture says it all!!

2. Our seats on the teeny tiny plane out of Vieques to San Juan… our heads hit the ceiling!!! Ah!

3. But the view for the 20 minute flight made it totally worth it!

4. Home again home again to pick up Chloe from my parents and she had to show us that she was A-OK while we were gone! ha!

5. Back in Chicago and back to work!! The view from an amazing (but very cold) proposal we shot!

6. Unreasonably excited about shopping for a new mattress!!! No more sleeping sideways on our old bed because it was soooo bad!



1. And then the snow came!! And I made snowmen while Chloe played in the snow… and the minute she notices I built a snowman – she TEARS IT DOWN SOOoooooo fast! haha.

2. James won some husband brownie points by surprising me with this shirt. LOL. Wonder Woman!

3. Recovering from the cold (on my robe)!

4. January meant a little more down time and that meant time for COOKING!! My favorite!! I tried making homemade biscuits for the first time and dare say they were delicious.

5. January also meant the return of The Bachelor and a girls’ night that ended in round after round of Head’s Up! I couldn’t resist sharing this screen capture of one of the videos!! LOL

6. Last but not least…. Chloe, meet Chloe!! (This didn’t end well, if you’re curious… haha)



Have a fabulous weekend and Valentine’s Day!!! Love on your people and furry loves!!! We are headed out to document a proposal (very Valentine’s Day appropriate, if I do say so myself)!! Tune in Monday to see who won the Full Scholarship Giveaway!!! XOXO

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