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Oh dear friends, it is 12:15am, and here I sit – cursor blinking, scrambling to try to get a blog post up that I meant to get up earlier today – but got caught tackling some off-season projects instead. We have a couple of months where our shooting schedule has slowed down, but things don’t feel much slower around here given the hefty to-do list I’ve given myself to accomplish this off-season. Oops.

I’m knocking things off the list, which I so nerdily (yes I made up that word) scheduled due dates for so I wouldn’t keep pushing things to the back burner over and over like I have in the past. But, all that to-do list checking I’m doing isn’t leaving me a whole lot of time for blogging. (Which you may have noticed yesterday.) And to be honest, although I feel like I disappoint people when I don’t post a blog (which may or may not be true… or maybe I just disappoint my Type-A self…??), I think I may need to reign it in a bit over the next few weeks as I do my best to get some big projects pushed out!!


First and foremost are the following personal & business projects, which I need to do by March, before things get busy with shooting again:

1. Design and order our own wedding album by January 30th!! (Yes, I realize that is tomorrow… yikes.)

2. Get our Beautiful Website launched by February 13th!! (This is my big one that seems to be consuming most of my time!! But I am bound and determined to get it done this year – finally!)

3. Update out workshop curriculum and order new print outs by February 27th!!

4. Plan and throw our 3rd annual Client Party (I’m still working on a date for this since we are somehow booked up through April already?! But fear not, wedding clients – we will party at some point before June 1st! I promise!)

5. Complete our Life Insurance application by February 2nd!!

6. Keep up with our current clients’ wedding album designs, daily client correspondence, and business responsibilities.

7. Finish exporting our bookkeeping and complete the tax packet our accountant sent us by the end of February!!

8. Convert our website to mobile as soon as possible! (I still can’t believe I haven’t done this yet…)

9. Update the galleries on our website!!

10. Update our pricing!

11. Create a client pre-wedding worksheet/questionnaire in Google Docs.


Soooo, there you have. Here’s hoping I can manage all of this… but in the mean time my blogging may have to slow down for these reasons above – and because I feel like if I keep posting 5x a week I’m just pushing out blog posts to fill the void, not because I have anything groundbreaking to share. So I’d rather post less and have the posts be more relevant. I hope you agree!! So starting next week, I’ll be posting on Monday/Wednesday/Friday during off-season, which hopefully means I will be knocking out more of these big projects listed above, and also no longer working into the wee hours of the morning… because, really…. it’s supposed to be “off” season, not “work even more than normal” season! Ha!! 😉

So I’ll see  you guys back here tomorrow with our Behind the Scenes of 2014 Wedding Season post (which I gave you a sneak peek of me looking super awesome behind the scenes below – haha), and next week we’ll start with the M/W/F schedule!! xoxo



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