My Happies ~ A Series Revisited

Back in 2012 (was that really THREE YEARS AGO?!) I started a series where I talked about “my happies”  – a word I made up for “anything that makes you happy.” I’m a huge believer that happiness is a choice, and believe that we should do our best to choose to move forward and onward with our lives every. single. day.

We can choose to dwell in the past… we can choose to regret and replay over and over in our minds… or we can choose to make today and tomorrow better days than yesterday.

We can choose happiness.

And so I thought I’d revisit this series, since I feel like especially during this time of year it can get easy to get down about things. Business is slower, days are shorter, weather is colder, comparison traps are easy to fall into…. but let’s not focus on that – Let’s focus on the happies!!

Here are my happies!!


Fresh flowers!! More specifically – tulips. They always remind me of my Grandma Twohig, and so having them around the house during her birthday week has been so wonderful.

Also, bud vases. How adorable are these vases?! My cousin Sara got them for me a year or two ago and I really love them so.


Also, mini mason jars. I mean, I got these in a pack of 12 or something from Ace Hardware and they make the perfect little vases of flowers to scatter in rooms around the house. LOVE.



Mandarin Oranges!!! James brought these home yesterday and I forgot how delicious they are. Wow. The perfect sweet/sour treat in a snack size portion!



I have been looking for a scent that is “me” for quite a while now, so when I accidentally stumbled on this “In Love” scent from Lollia I became instantly obsessed!! Also – their shea butter handcreme is the bomb diggity for curing my cracked and dry winter hands! Mmmmm hmmm…



Printing our Personal Pics!! I love Artifact Uprising for this (as most of you know already) – and am so excited I checked this one off my to-do list! Instead of doing little Instagram loose prints this year, I decided to put all our favorite photos from the year in 2014 books (Vol 1 & 2) and I really love how they turned out!! We made special editions for trips we took, and obviously – I’m obsessed with those as well! (I may still do some loose prints from Social Print Studio, but won’t have to print our ENTIRE year this way – just ones I think I might like to have little prints of!)



Non Chicagoans might not understand this next one… but another one of my happies is the slow but sure disappearance of people’s “DIBS” chairs & items along the street!!! As the snow has started to melt, people have slowly but surely stopped saving their shoveled our parking spots with random items from their homes. THANK GOODNESS. Please let this trend continue to go that way… because there is nothing more annoying than looking for a public parking spot on the street (that you all pay for!) and coming upon spot after open spot with a random table sitting in the middle of it… or folding chair… or box of bananas (yes, we saw this)… or car seat … or who knows what else! I’m sorry neighbors, but you do NOT own that street parking spot simply because you shoveled your car out of it. Grr.



Sunshine and blue skies!!!! It has been gray off and on lately and so having a beautiful sunny day yesterday was soooo wonderful for my mood and productivity!! YAY!



My bubs!!! She’s the best little co-worker / side-kick around and I love her so. She was enjoying the sun too, as you can see… while simultaneously giving me the ‘side eye’ for taking her picture. haha.



What are your happies today?! Do tell!! xoxo

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