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Those of you that follow me on Instagram may already be aware that I have a bit of an Instagram “problem.”

That is…     I.   LOVE.   IT.

(probably way too much)

First off, I actually get to see every post of people I follow in my feed (unlike that evil other social media platform we shall not discuss with its crazy newsfeeds and hiding business pages from people… ahem – FACEBOOK). Second, it is made up just of pictures!!! (Obviously my favorite thing.) Third, I could seriously take and post photos all day… But thank goodness for you guys, I stop myself from posting everything I ate (usually), did (usually), and don’t post about 99% of the Chloe photos I take. haha. 🙂

All that being said – I still post a lot, because I love to document life, obviously, and love looking back on these photos to remember our days, months, and years! I joined Instagram partway through 2012 and decided at the end of the year that I wanted to print ALL of my Instagrams…. just to have somewhere. (Secretly, I love the idea of our great-grandkids making their way through all these random photos some day when we are long gone; imagining what our life might have been like way back in 2013…. Seeing all the little in-between-moments that we often don’t think are important enough to print, or put in a photo book. They might wonder why on earth I took a photo of a pb&j in a baggie (that was for Jury Duty Day!)… and smile at random pics of us all curled up in bed on a rainy day.)

Either way, I wanted them somewhere, even if in teeny-tiny adorable mini-print form! 🙂 And so I found Social Print Studio (i.e. Printstagram), which oh-so-easily syncs right up to your Instagram account and lets you select photos to print individually (or search by hashtag – which is when our family trip hashtags reaaaaally come in handy! Brilliant!). Last year I just printed everything… this year I tried to stick to printing personal photos only (since I do post lots of client sneak peeks and behind-the-camera photos after sessions).

They come in these perfect little boxes, which I label by year and keep in the cabinet in my office!




I love to just leaf through them and smile at the memories (it’s kind of amazing how well I remember where I was when I took each photo and why). This year I got a mix of the mini-prints (8.5 cm x 5.5 cm) and the mini-squares (2 3/8″ x 2 3/8″).




Also, they make the perfect little personalized gift tags, and notecards! Last year I included a mini-print of our Christmas tree in my cousin’s Christmas present with a note on the back and she told me she kept it & hung it up on her fridge because she loved it so much!

I love the idea of pulling out little prints (either a personal pic that fits the situation, or just a pretty picture I took) to give to people for special occasions! And at $15 for 48 mini prints – you can’t go wrong!




Aren’t they the cutest?!

(I also just recently ordered more photo books from Artifact Uprising – so I’ll be blogging about those soon too!) Print your pictures, people!!!

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