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Personal Photo Books Updated ~ Artifact Uprising Review

I recently ordered some more personal photo books from Artifact Uprising and I promised you guys a post with pictures, so here it is!!! As I mentioned in the past, I really really love Artifact Uprising for personal photos – from day to day snaps to trips/vacations! I finally made a point to order another...

Personal Photo Books ~ Artifact Uprising

I was recently introduced to the company Artifact Uprising by my dear friend, Jess. She mentioned she loves their photo books, and I’ve been dying to find a company I can get on board with for all of our personal photos (of which there are MANY) – so I thought I’d check them out! (Remember the Lift...

My Happies ~ A Series Revisited

Back in 2012 (was that really THREE YEARS AGO?!) I started a series where I talked about “my happies”  – a word I made up for “anything that makes you happy.” I’m a huge believer that happiness is a choice, and believe that we should do our best to choose to move forward and onward with our lives every....

Print Your Instagrams ~ Social Print Studio ~ Mini Print Ideas

Those of you that follow me on Instagram may already be aware that I have a bit of an Instagram “problem.” That is…     I.   LOVE.   IT. (probably way too much) First off, I actually get to see every post of people I follow in my feed (unlike that evil other social media...

2013 Goals Review ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

Last year James and I had a year-end meeting where we reviewed what went well in 2012, and what we could improve on. We each wrote down our goals for 2013 (both business and personal) and compared notes. Then we compiled everything we had written and made one master list to live by in 2013....

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