Date Night in the City ~ 2015 Goals Success (so far)!

A big thing on our personal goals list this year was to go on date nights together that consisted of more than just heading to the nearest restaurant when we were too exhausted to cook at home. So decided we would make a conscious effort each month to go on one new date together – whether it be trying a new activity, seeing a show, going to a concert, or whatever we can come up with that is new and different than just going to dinner!

Since winter hit I’ve been dying to go ice skating at the new Maggie Daley Ice Ribbon, and we finally made it happen in the freeeeezing cold Chicago night last night because we assumed it would be too cold for anyone else to want to go ice skating – and we were right! 😉 We started with dinner at Bandera on Michigan Avenue and then walked down to Maggie Daley Park to hit the rink!




The view of the city from the park while ice skating is phenomenal and I loved getting to skate in something other than a tiny little circle! I may or may not have tried to show James how to skate and immediately proceeded to wipe out in front of him (big time, giant bruises on my knee and hip kind of wipe out, and later found out I got a mild concussion… oops), and James (to avoid running me over in his skates) bailed and wiped out himself – quite possibly seriously spraining his wrist. Ooooops.

Apparently I’m not the best ice skating teacher! But we had the best time regardless of our injuries!! And now I’m even more excited to keep up our new date goal for the rest of 2015 (hopefully with less injuries next time)!! lol

Happy weekending everybody!! xoxo

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