October Tidbits ~ Life Behind the Scenes

First of all, I have to say a giant THANK YOU to all of our wonderful clients for being so gracious and understanding while we spent some time out of the office to grieve my grandma’s passing and celebrate her life with family. I cannot say enough how wonderful each and every client has been with the delayed email replies and editing turn-around times due to all of this. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

And now, I’m happy to say we made it out of Minnesota safely just before the winter storm up there got too bad, and have settled back in Chicago – ready for one super productive end of the week – before I fly out for sessions in NYC early next week! It’s funny how I thought November would be all relaxed when I booked that NYC trip & sessions – and, well, that is not the case at all anymore, obviously! But I’m taking it in stride… working as hard as I can to catch up… and keeping on moving forward – which is all you can do!

I almost completely missed October’s Tidbits post – but I’m squeezing it in because I can’t help myself – this is how I recall what happened throughout the year (did I mention this blog is basically my diary?)… so here it is! (My phone went crazy early last month when I tried to update to the new iOS, so I lost a week’s worth of photos… hopefully nothing too important was in there! I’m pretty sure it was just a whole lot of photos of pretty fall foliage. haha)


1. You may have seen this one already, but I couldn’t help myself. If she chews a hole into the middle of a supposedly indestructible frisbee, she gets a new necklace! 😉 LOL

2. The state of our closet last month was down right scary, but Chloe was not deterred!! She thought all that junk piling up on the bottom made for a mighty nice bed. haha! We couldn’t find her anywhere one day and then stumbled upon this, which made us laugh sooo much.

3. We shot our the elementary-aged shoot for our commercial clients, Renaissance Learning, and James was totally in his element with those kiddos all day!

4. Celebrating a successful shoot and decompressing after one crazy early October!

5. Chloe needed to decompress too, obviously.

6. LEAVES!!! If you follow me on Instagram, I’m sure you’re already aware that I’m obsessed. I mean, look at how that green perfectly blends into red?! SO pretty!!!




1. One of Chloe’s many begging stances. haha.

2. Chloe next to a Chloe-sized tree on one of our many fall walks in October!

3. Pumpkin pancakes were all the rage in the Tyler house in October. Just make pancakes as you normally would, but add 2 Tbsp of Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Butter, 1/2 tsp pumpkin spice, & 1 tsp vanilla extract! Voila! Best pumpkin pancakes ever!

4. We had our Chicago mini sessions in October and after playing with an adorable puppy for my last session, Chloe was very suspicious of me when I got home! haha

5. More pretty from a walk with Chloe – I can’t help myself!!!

6. We went home to Wisconsin (i.e. my parents’ house) for the last weekend of October, in which we had a very rare Saturday OFF! I made my first ever carrot cake from scratch! Let me tell you – grating carrots on a cheese grater is quite the workout!



1. It was trick-or-treating day back in Wisconsin while we were home, so Chloe made sure to greet all the kiddos at the front window! haha

2. Then we hit up our family’s ski hill for a perfectly fall walk among the leaves and the most beautiful sunset!!

3. Chloe was just soaking in the fresh Wisconsin air! 🙂

4. Later that day we celebrated a very belated birthday (month late!) for my Mom – with carrot cake – of course!!!

5. The next day I headed to Madison for another round of Mini Sessions, and to meet (& photograph) my best friend’s newest addition – Harper!!

6. I couldn’t resist snapping this on my way back to my parents’ after a busy day in Madison. So Wisconsin. So perfect.



1. There’s something so peaceful about waking up in my childhood bedroom in small-town Wisconsin. I couldn’t resist snapping this pic from bed with the pale morning light streaming through.

2. Back in Chicago and I found a wall I am TOTALLY OBSESSED with!!! Oh my gosh. Just… seriously.

3. Does anybody else’s dog stand guard while you go to the bathroom?! Or is this a particularly crazy Chloe thing to do?! haha

4. Prepping for another commercial shoot with Renaissance Learning… James putting together one of the props (while in his super sexy robe, haha).

5. Halloween!!! In case you missed Chloe’s highly appropriate Bat Dog costume.. you must see more HERE.

6. Last but not least – my monthly money maintenance day to wrap up the month. Keeping on track for projected income/expenses, and making sure we are set to pay the bills through off season!! (P.S. I go over all this super fun – haha – business/money/budgeting info at our Workshop!! Keep an eye out for a Small Business Saturday special if you’re thinking of coming!!! hint! hint! ;))



Whew. Now that we’re already almost halfway through November… I will see you before we know it with another tidbits post! XOXO.

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