Happy Halloween!!! (Chloe Style) ~ Chicago Portrait Photographer

You guys!! I did not drop the ball this year!! I even did better than years past, because I PLANNED and MADE a costume for Chloe!! Yes, you read that right! Normally I throw together whatever randomness I can find at home, but this year… this year I actually chose a costume and made it happen!

Friends, I give you the most obvious costume for our dog ever (because, duh, EARS)….

Batman Chloe… Batdog… Batman Dog Chloe! 😉 (And because I can’t post just one: I have to give you the process of getting her from point A to point B. haha)


I started out with the easy part of the costume, and she didn’t even freak out when I put any of it on her! She is growing up!!




Then I added the eye piece, which is obviously required if you are Batman for Halloween, and she wasn’t a huge fan. haha. Probably because it was made for a human’s face! LOL




But then I finally figured out how to get the darn thing to sit (somewhat) properly on her face, and she rocked this costume! I mean, how fierce is she as Batman?! hahahahaha




In the next photo I think she’s saying, “Mom, get this crap off of me or I will bite you.” haha




I hope this brightened your day a bit! It was a happier note to end on during a tough week around here. Have a wonderful weekend, friends. See you Monday. xoxo

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