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I feel like it’s been all photos around here lately – which I love – but I also feel like I’m losing touch with all of my readers! 🙂 So I thought it was time for a little life update… i.e. “life lately”. 🙂 So let’s get to it!


1. James shared this ecard on my Facebook wall because it basically sums me up in a nutshell. haha 🙂 Lately James has been pointing out that I do this a lot. I’ll ask his opinion, or ask him if it is okay if I do something – WHILE I’M ALREADY DOING WHAT I’M ASKING HIM IF IT IS OKAY TO DO. haha Oops. For example, “J, do you mind if I turn the lights off?” (while I’m switching off the light). “J, did you want me to fix the covers so they aren’t all twisted up?” (while I am yanking the covers off his body and fixing the entire bed…) You get the idea. haha


2. Chloe gained over 4 pounds since we last weighed her! For the longest time she was holding stead at 52 lbs. Actually, she was holding steady at that for the last year! Then all of a sudden in the last couple months she filled out, but I thought I was imagining it… until I weighed her on Wii Fit last night and it said she was just over 56 lbs! I’m not sure if she is just growing out of her puppydom (I made that word up… hehe), or if she hasn’t been getting as much exercise with it being so hot outside lately. (In the winter/fall/spring she could run FOREVER and not be phased. But 1 mile out in the heat and she is ready to pass out, poor thing!)


3. Last weekend we had a full weekend off!! When I realized things were booking up quickly and this happened to be the only weekend in 13 weeks that we didn’t have a wedding I put a big red OFF on the calendar for both Saturday & Sunday and didn’t allow myself to book anything! Prior to that weekend I had an insane two weeks of travel, and engagement session after engagement session in between weekends of weddings – so by the time Saturday rolled around I was feeling pretty wiped out and overwhelmed. My editing list was looming over my head, but I forced myself (with the help of James) to take some time to relax. I know it isn’t super exciting really to anybody but us (haha) – but we spent Saturday sleeping (yay!) and deep cleaning our apartment which has been so neglected now that wedding season is rolling! And Sunday I was actually able to attend a social event! My dear friend, Missy’s baby shower! My friends are so used to me turning down weekend invitations in the summer that none of those in attendance even bothered to ask me if I was coming. haha. So it was awesome to surprise them and enjoy a nice little Sunday with my girls up in Milwaukee! And you know since I was alone I made a point to stop at the outlets in Kenosha on my way home (knowing James wasn’t waiting in the car for me, I had freedom to look around a bit more than I normally do). Retail therapy was just what the doctor ordered! 😉


4. After getting home from my day with the girls & shopping, James and I decided to head out for Mexican & margaritas! We went to our favorite place in the city, El Nuevo Mexicano (YUM). They have excellent vegetarian and vegan options (yeah!), and their chicken tacos are some of the best I’ve had. And don’t get me started on their margaritas. They aren’t overly sweet and gross like a lot of places – they are just the right amount of everything and we love them! 🙂 After dinner we decided to head to Montrose Harbor and relax for a minute. I’ve been asking James to have a sunset picnic with me for a while there & it just keeps not happening, so I was pretty stoked to get him out there finally! It was late but the place was PACKED, because as it turned out – there was a SUPER MOON that night! And wow – was it super! I was wishing I had my tripod with me to take some shots – but instead I just snapped a few (kind of terrible photos) and put my camera away to just enjoy this quiet moment looking out on our city at night with James.


5. This past Sunday it was 2 years since we said goodbye to our sweet Phoenix pup. In some ways it feels like that was just yesterday, and in other ways it feels like so long ago. James and I have grown so much since that difficult time, and have been through many other wonderful moments in our marriage, as well as many other challenging moments in our marriage… that June 23, 2011 feels like ages ago and yesterday all at once. The good thing about being 2 years out is that for the most part I’m able to think about Phoenix and the good times (her interrupting all my stories, her wearing whatever the heck I put on her without a fight, her frapping around the house like a lunatic when we would play, her moral support while I worked, and her adorable dreams) … not the end where she was so sick – and the worst part – saying goodbye and how that day forever changed me. I will be forever indebted to that amazing dog for taking care of James before I knew him, giving him hope during some tough times in his life, and showing him unconditional love. She somehow turned me – this “non-dog person” – into a dog person, and that in turn has changed me in ways I can’t quite explain. (I mean, because seriously, dogs are pretty much the best thing on earth. Aren’t they?!)


6. And last but definitely not least… my lifesaver… JAMES. Since we got him his own desk for the office he has really been taking charge on so much business stuff it is amazing!!! And let me tell you, this guy is MOTIVATED. And having him in here working his butt off really keeps me on track too and it has been fabulous. After shooting 12 sessions and 3 weddings in the past 4 weeks I was feeling a bit swamped, so having him jump in and say, “What do you need me to do?” took such a weight off my shoulders! This week we have been able to knock out so much more together and my stress levels have lowered drastically. Yay!


And that’s about all I’ve got over here lately! 😉


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