the birthday fairy

I’m sure everybody is already sick of hearing about my birthday… so I’m sorry about that (kind of)… but I’m going to keep talking about it anyway. 🙂 Because if I let it pass by without any mention or excitement – I end up just feeling old and lame afterwards (which is not a great way to feel ever, and especially not awesome in combination…).
So I took the day off today (because I’m not sure what is worse than working right through your birthday) so I was able to sleep in until my heart desired… which is apparently 9am? (I remember thinking – back when I was just a young pup – that people were *officially old* when they told me they could no longer sleep in past some ridiculously early time. Well, now I am one of those old people I suppose… hmph.) 
Anyway – I digress… I woke up this morning and groggily wandered out of the bedroom and stumbled upon this:
“Phoenix… you are supposed to HANG those birthday signs up – not wear them!” – I said laughing.
“Well I have no opposable thumbs mom! I can’t hang a thing! So I put it on myself instead! Its your sign -you know what it says – Happy Birthday To You!” – Phoenix barked in reply.
“Okay… okay… but for future reference, maybe you can get somebody to help you hang it next time, and then you can wear something else… something more comfortable, less itchy and cute – like, say – a birthday fairy costume…?”


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