surprise sneak peek

I’m still adjusting from a fabulous *surprise* weekend away, so I didn’t have time tonight to get much of a post done. (Sorry to my 2 loyal readers!) 🙂

So for now – the only teeny-tiny, itsby-bitsy little sneak peek into my fabulous weekend is this: My husband rocks.

A full-blown, long-winded version of the surprise story will be coming soon. (Maybe in a few days when my birthday week is over?) Until then – I have cake to eat… and birthday dinners to attend… and drinks to drink… and perhaps some yoga to practice… and general rebuilding of my sanity to take care of (since I’ve kind of neglected myself for the last… hmmmm…. 4 months…? Ouch).

I think that’s an okay thing to focus on during your birthday week, no?

In the meantime, enjoy this pretty picture from my birthday surprise Saturday:

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