So I’m going to my first ever book club tomorrow! It’s technically a ‘meet-up’ for this website/blog I love – – which basically means we needed an excuse for the wonderful ladies who read and comment on the blog to get together and get to know each other in various cities all over the country. Pretty sweet, I know. So I’ll be heading to the Chicago meet-up (obviously). 
I’m a little nervous about it though because:

1. I am kind of quiet/reserved when I first meet people… (which I know is hard to believe for those of you who know the real, spastic me – but it’s the truth.)

2. I have not finished the book yet. (Oops!.. I’m working on that in 10 minutes when I’m done here! 50 pages to go…)

3. I haven’t ever done this kind of thing – although I imagine it’s much like discussing books in English Lit in college… (well – except less people, no grades are given, and we’ll be drinking wine – so it’ll be way more fun! Right?)

Either way – I’m pretty stoked about it for various reasons – and also because I’ll be taking pics of everything that goes down (I say that like we’re going to be getting all crazy up in the Book Cellar… haha).
Anywho – I better get my butt back to reading! Maybe you should read it too:
Dan Savage’s “The Commitment” (Should that be in italics or quotes? Damn I can’t remember the rules.) 
It’s about family, love and marriage… more specifically gay marriage – although he’s touched on all kinds of relationships so far. I’ve found it super insightful and it’s got me thinking about a lot of stuff, which I really appreciate in a book (or in anything or anyone for that matter). Oh yeah, and he’s super funny, which really helps.
Here are the cute little matching groom cake-toppers on the book cover: 
(Don’t you just want to read it?! Seriously – great read for people on either side of the gay marriage debate, and just in general.)
Happy weekending everybody! 🙂

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