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Enough with preseason and third stringers…
Enough with everybody saying we can’t judge player’s skills because the games don’t matter… 
It’s time for the real football to begin…. Tonight. 🙂
… a wonderful little early birthday present, if I do say so myself. 🙂
Phoenix is equally excited. I got home from work today and found her wearing this:
I know, I know… I said the same thing to her, “But the Packers don’t play until Sunday Phoen-Phoen why are you wearing that shirt?!” 
She said, “I don’t care! I love the Pack! This is my favorite t-shirt! And I support them all year long – game day or no game day! Especially on days when Brett Favre is playing …I don’t want anyone to confuse where my loyalties stand mom!” 
(She’s really hardcore. It’s true. Just like her mama. Poor James… living with two die-hard Packer fans.) 😉

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