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Anne and Michael. Where do I begin with Anne and Michael…? 🙂 
I guess I could start with this: Imagine one of the sweetest, kindest, most genuine friends you know (if you’re lucky enough to know someone like that)…  Now, imagine that person meeting someone equally sweet and kind and genuine, who thinks the world of your dear friend. 
Oh yeah – and they’re getting married. 
That’s just a little, teensy glimpse of what Anne & Michael are …(add in some goofiness, karaoke, tardiness, nerdiness/brains, and other assorted traits… and you get the idea). 🙂 
The coolest thing about two people like that coming together is seeing all the people they’ve met over the course of each of their lives in one place for their wedding. The main two groups being Texans and Yankees in this case (“northerners” technically… but Yankee fans as well, I suppose). People they have met from elementary school through high school, from college through grad school and beyond. And each one of these people was soooo happy and honored to be there for their big day. (Even in 113 degree heat in Houston, Texas in August… and that’s saying something!) 🙂 
The main theme I noticed when I was going through these pictures again (since the wedding was almost a month ago and I just now got to review them – life’s been busy – okay?!) was the pure joy everybody seemed to feel for these two people. The kind of people you know deserve the absolute best in life. The kind of people who you hope will find someone who appreciates what a fantastic human being they are and never forget it for all their days. Everybody was so happy to be there because Anne and Michael found that in each other. They both found someone who will treat them fabulously… who will love and adore them for who they are – always. And witnessing that kind of love is really something, isn’t it? I sure think so anyways. 
Witnessing that kind of love makes for a fantastic day…
(*Disclaimer – I was not the wedding photographer, but rather, a guest enjoying my time at one of my best friend’s weddings. Therefore, I don’t have all the standard pictures from a normal wedding shoot – but instead have details and moments from throughout the day that I experienced. As you will see – it was a pretty amazing day.)   🙂

(We didn’t have the best seats in the house… and I was trying not to disturb the ‘real’ photographer… so please forgive the few ceremony shots I have!) 🙂
Of course I needed a quick pic with the bride before we headed up to the party! (Thanks for being the stand-in photographer James!) 🙂 
Every detail was amazing… even the butter! (I couldn’t help but take a pic of it… I’m small town like that – haha) 🙂
The view from the Petroleum Club… 
The light was fantastic – so of course I needed of pic of J and I! 🙂
James going for the ‘serious James Bond’ look & Jeremy going for the ‘happy to be double fisting’ look… 😉
We were all having a fantastic time. 🙂
Cheers to Anne + Michael!
(Prompting the crowd during Margaret’s speech…) 😉
On to the father/daughter dance… which I spoke about more in depth here.
At this point James begged me to put down my darn camera and spend some time enjoying the wedding with him… so that’s all I have kids!
Congratulations to Anne & Michael – I know you’ll share a lifetime of love and laughter together!  xoxo

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