labor(less) day

James and I did a whole lot of nothing this Labor Day – and it was pretty darn fantastic. 🙂 I was gone the entire weekend so Monday was our day to just relax together. 
It mostly consisted of napping, relaxing, snacking, reviewing a few photos, more eating, more relaxing, watching some college football… you get the point. 
Then my brother called – and after chatting a bit – he told me I was lazy for not leaving the house all day (except to walk the dog – which he said didn’t count because that is a requirement). So when I got off the phone, James and I decided to go for a walk…
… across the street to get some ice cream. Hey – that counts because it wasn’t a requirement… right? 🙂
Mmmm … Black Cherry Vanilla + Java & Cookies = heaven on an old-school cone.

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