the interrupter

I’m a pretty animated person. When I tell stories – I go all out. James, on the other hand, is a little more low key. He doesn’t need all the noise and action that I require when storytelling.

Apparently Phoenix is still not used to my animation after three and a half years. She’s had a pretty mellow papa for 10 years of her existence and isn’t so sure about this loud, obnoxious lady who joined the crew a few years back. Or maybe I’m wrong – maybe it’s quite the opposite – maybe she loves it… ?

You see, I’m not sure what the deal is lately, but whenever I try to tell James a good story from my day, Phoenix feels the need to jump in front of me (I always tell my stories standing up – it’s required to get all the actions right) and sneeze, bark, growl and play bite at my ankles. I’m not sure if she does it because she wants me to shut up (which very well may be the case) or because she wants to get equally animated with her mama. (I like to think it’s the latter.)

Whatever the reason is – without fail – she interrupts me at the most important part of the story – every time.

It’s like she’s barking, “Hey ma! Shut up! I am sick of hearing your ridiculous stories about that crazy lady on the bus who fell on that guy’s lap when the bus lurched to a stop! I want you to come home and chill out for once like a normal human being!  I don’t need a word for word reenactment of something your funny co-worker did!     Just!     Be!     Quiet!”

Followed by: *sneeze* *sneeze* *sneeze* while slamming her head down like she’s banging her head to some heavy metal music. (By the way – James and I decided long ago that her angry sneezes are her way of saying “F you!” It’s precious. Really.)

I managed to snag a pic of her tonight when I got home while she was busy interrupting another classic story of mine. (Notice her awesomely nasty 13-year-old teeth while she growls at her mama…) 🙂

The Interrupter.  I think she needs a cape with an “I” on it or something… it can be her new alter-ego. 🙂

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