I remember when Friday and Saturday nights used to consist of getting dressed up, lots of beverages out with friends, some very late night eating at Clark’s or Golden Nugget, and hitting the hay when the sun was rising. 
Now instead – James and I take advantage of those youngin’s who spend their weekend nights like we used to – and we go to the gym to swim – because the pool is completely and wonderfully empty. 🙂 
I suppose we could go when everybody else is there – but then the ‘real’ swimmers would get to see what fantastic swimmers we are… and we can’t have that… we don’t want to give away any secrets (or share lanes).
Anyway – others might not appreciate our races – followed by 5-10 minute breaks to catch our breath. Or our chatting – or our occasional walking (rather than swimming) across the pool…  You know, lots of things those hardcore swimmers with their fancy roll/flip thingys, swim caps, beautiful shoulders and perfect breathing patterns might not be fans of while they’re swimming lap after lap. (No offense hardcore swimmers – you know I tease because I’m jealous!)
So we go late on weekend nights – when the pool is ours and ours alone. (Did I mention we don’t have central air and it’s been 90+ degrees lately? So those wine & movie date nights on the couch don’t have quite the same appeal they used to…)
The view as we leave the gym isn’t bad either…

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