din din

James called me around 3pm at work today and offered to pick me up (which is pretty exciting because the bus can kind of be a crap-shoot after work; terrible traffic, one doesn’t come for 20 minutes, no seats, stinky man falling asleep on your shoulder… you know). So of course I said, “Heck yes you can pick me up!”

He arrived downtown after running errands – which apparently included stopping at Whole Foods and at Stanley’s (which, for you non-Chicagoans, is a simply amazing produce market where the organic fruit & veggies are the nearly the same price as the regular produce at big supermarkets!! True story. Fantastic deal).

On the car ride home J asked me what I had planned for the night. I answered the usual – post to my blog and edit pics for clients. (I’m pretty predictable… and not that exciting, I suppose.)

Then he said, “Do you think maybe you could make dinner…? I bought grass fed sirloin and fresh veggies…” 
“I don’t even know what I’m going to write about yet… so we’ll see,” I retorted. 
“You could write about making me dinner and take pictures of it…” my oh-so-clever (and tricky) husband answered. 
Hmm. I suppose I could. And so I did. Because sometimes I try to be a good wife…  🙂
One happy husband’s dinner:

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