I’m terrible at unpacking. As in – Really. Bad. At. It. 
We’ve been home from our trip for two weeks now – and my suitcase still sits on the floor at the end of our bed, like so:

(That random crap to the right of my suitcase, you ask? They are things I normally store in my suitcase when it’s *empty* in my closet. So there all that junk waits, in a pile on the floor next to my suitcase…. a ‘Happy Birthday’ sign, ugly gold heels to go with my ugly Christmas sweater, some scarves, Halloween costumes, and other treasures. You get desperate for storage when you live in an apartment – okay?!)
The other day James did laundry (as he always does) and he folded all the clothes and left it in the laundry basket for the night. The next day he put his clothes away and hinted at me to put mine away as well by leaving all of it neatly folded on the bed… so I’d have to put it away in order to go sleep. (Smart man! But not as smart as me… he he).  You see, as soon as he left the room, I opened my suitcase and piled the newly washed and folded clothes into my suitcase and closed it. Problem solved! And off to bed I went. 
Bummer when James came back a few minutes later laughing his head off and telling me that he saw me throw the clothes in my suitcase! (Dang it!) Luckily, he just laughed it off and let me go to sleep. (Sweet hubs.)
Someday I’ll unpack… I swear.   🙂

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