I tried to find her name on various baby name websites – but go figure – there aren’t a lot of resources about Ethiopian names and their meanings online. Finally though, I came across a website with a pretty extensive list of Ethiopian names (hoping its a legit source) and found that her name means: Sun, Sunshine, or You are Sunshine.

My insides turned to mush and I felt little bubbles of joy bursting out of my heart and chest. Seriously. I know it sounds ridiculous – but I had such an immense desire/need to hug and kiss this little girl right at that moment. (I can only imagine how my sis and her hubs feel!)

She is halfway around the world right now and she is all I can think about. Everywhere I go I check out the little girl clothes, accessories, and toys. I’m obsessed. I can’t get her big, brown eyes and curly eyelashes out of my head. To put it lightly, I’m madly in love with this little baby girl.
(Not) soon enough she will be home with my sister and her family. She will have two big brothers to watch over her. She will have aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and parents who won’t be able to imagine life without her. 
We can’t wait to meet her, hug her, kiss her and watch her grow up.  She is a part of our family and we have not yet laid eyes on her. “Sunshine” fits her perfectly already. 

Patiently waiting for their baby sister…

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