little wyatt ~ children’s/family photography

Wyatt is adorable. It’s pretty obvious up on first glance at this child from a distance, and even more obvious when you get to interact with him one on one. 
I walked up to his parents (my first time meeting them) and immediately clicked. I like these people a LOT. And what’s even better, they trusted me with their child – which makes my job oh-so-much easier! Literally minutes after meeting them Christine (Wyatt’s mama) suggested he hold my hand as we walk to the beach – and he did so without any hesitation (which is apparently not normal for him, though I would have never known!). 
So we walked, hand in hand, to the beach to snap some pics. 🙂  (… it kind of made me want a little Wyatt of my own… or a James & Christy version anyway. Which, I feel like might be somewhat similar because I’m pretty sure our little one would have equally awesome hair… one can hope at least!).  🙂 
So here he is. Little Wyatt, in awe of the world, always watching and observing. (And his amazing parents too, of course.) Such an amazing little family – it melted my heart!

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