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Oh this wedding… I loved it. Everything about it. The bride & groom, the guests, the location, the temperature… the light! 
It was a beautiful day outside of Madison, WI (Merrimac, to be exact) at a little ski resort-turned-wedding-location (in the summer). There were threats of showers off and on, but rather than rain, we had a perfectly overcast day instead (a photographer’s dream!). 
On top of all that loveliness were the bride and groom: Maggie – a sweetheart to every person she’s ever met, incredibly down to earth and a lover of fantastic food (like myself!), and Jamie – who loves Maggie like she is the last woman on earth (and that’s reason enough for me to like him!) 😉 Seriously though, he was in awe of her when she walked down the aisle (see sneak peek) and brought everyone there to tears. Then, after the ceremony was through and we were walking about taking photos, he kept telling her oh-so-genuinely and wholeheartedly – like he couldn’t believe his eyes – that she was the most beautiful woman ever and even asked her if she could wear her wedding dress at home sometimes (so cute!).  🙂
This was a short gig for me – just a couple of hours starting right before the ceremony and shooting until shortly after.  So, don’t be surprised when you don’t see the first dance pics and other reception-like photos. However, there were so many photos I fell in love with from this short little wedding shoot that I had a seriously difficult time narrowing down for this post! So please bare with me, there are quite a few! 
Some sort of “team” pose they do – not something I put them up to! fyi. 🙂 ha ha
Unfortunately we couldn’t get the ski lifts going – so this was as close as we could get to the real thing…
And off the go into their happily ever after… congrats you two! xoxo 🙂

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