monday, monday

I was going to start this post by trash-talking the people who sang the song “Monday, Monday” – but upon looking up the lyrics I realized that later in the song they go on to hate on Mondays (even though they start with: Monday, Monday… so good to me…)! Here are the more appropriate lyrics they end the song with:

Monday, Monday (ba-da, ba-da-da-da), Can’t trust that day (ba-da, ba-da-da-da).

Monday, Monday (ba-da, ba-da-da-da), It just turns out that way (ba-da, ba-da-da-da).

Whoa, Monday, Monday… won’t go away (ba-da, ba-da-da-da).

Why am I hating on this Monday you may ask…? 
It started out with the fact that I didn’t get nearly enough sleep last night – so I have been perpetually nauseous all day no matter how much I eat or drink.  Then, less than an hour after arriving to work I was “jokingly” (or not?) referred to as “stupid” by someone who shall remain nameless. 
Nearly immediately after that awesome moment I side-swiped a corner wall next to my desk with my right hip bone (there is a reason I was called “Gracie” growing up… unfortunately). And for those of you who know me – you know I walk fast so this was no little bump into the wall. It was a THUD so hard that I thought I might actually throw up… (which was apparently the theme of my day). I thought in that moment, “This is how it must feel when guys get hit in the junk! This is terrible!” (Although I think I’m probably seriously wrong…)
The rest of the day passed by with it’s usual Monday ‘blahness’ (yes, I made that word up)…
Then, finally – 5 o’clock came! I rushed out the door – bound and determined to get to the bus stop early enough to catch the first bus and hopefully get a seat. I was lucky enough to get a seat – but unlucky for me was the fact that it was a side-facing seat. (Explanation: For some reason I am totally fine in the side-facing seats on the way to work, but on the way home? Not good. I get suuuuuper car sick. And for a day when I was already feeling nauseous without the help of motion – this could not end well).
I shut my eyes immediately upon sitting down, thinking that if I dozed off I’d be good to go. Unfortunately, my bus driver today found joy in flinging passengers to and fro and took every opportunity to gun it and then slam on the brakes (and I mean SLAM on the brakes), so sleeping was not an option. Instead, I practiced my square breathing all the way home, trying to remain calm and not throw up. (It’s times like these my ice-cold hands actually come in handy since I can put them on my neck or forehead to cool myself down when I get worked up.) 
We finally made it to my stop after 30 minutes of crazy stop-and-go driving. I dizzily worked my way towards the door and stopped behind two guys who were standing in the exit space – figuring they too were getting off here. The green light went on above the door, allowing us to tap the door and exit – but no one tapped. After a second I realized nobody was getting off and reached around them to open the door… but it was too late. As I did so the green light shut off and the bus driver started to drive away. 
I yelled from the back door of the double-bus, “I need to get off here!” I never thought I’d be that bold… I’ve seen people do it on occasion and thought to myself, “Calm down, jeez. It’s not like we’re on an express bus that won’t stop for another 30 minutes.” I guess that’s what I get for being a punk before – it’s bound to come back around and bite me eventually, right? Seriously though, I needed to get off the bus at that moment or vomit. But alas, the bus driver couldn’t hear me and drove on.  
Oh Monday – WHY?! …I thought to myself. The guys by the door apologized to me and I joked with them in return, trying my best not to look like a crazy person after my yelling episode. Then one of the guys said, “Good thing the next stop is less than a block away.” (I think he was mocking me for freaking out. Or maybe he was trying to be nice? Today I was having trouble distinguishing the two…)
I finally made it off that evil bus and home, where I was promptly greeted by someone in our building learning to play the guitar while it was hooked up to an amplifier (seriously?!), which was apparently facing directly out a window into our courtyard (which echoes like crazy). At this point, I started laughing like a lunatic (which I tend to do when overtired) – because, really, what else is there to do???
So… here’s to Tuesday and some hopefully non-manic laughter that is caused by something actually funny and not by a series of circumstances that drove me to insanity, like today. 
And to end – here is a photo of our ‘fridge calendar – so I can remember the joy that was August 23rd. (I know, it’s a crappy photo… but I figured it goes along with my crappy post. Everybody’s allowed a few of those, right?)

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