September Tidbits ~ Life Behind the Scenes

Well, September came and went in a flurry of travel to Wisconsin, weddings, sessions, and my birthday was in there somewhere! We are officially neck deep in crazy busy fall wedding season and I’m just now realizing it is October apparently?! haha! Oops!

Here’s a little peek at what life looked like behind the scenes in September!


1. We have a wine glass problem around here. We broke all but 2 of the wine glasses we got for our wedding so I stopped using them and bought cheaper ones. Then we broke all but 2 of those… so I bought 4 more to have a complete set of 6 again. We were doing so well for a while, but then one night I heard a loud crash in the bathroom… and found this. At least it wasn’t me this time!

2. We shot Irene & Michael’s wedding to kick off September – and since Irene and I used to work at the law firm together – that meant all my former bosses & co-workers were there! Apparently one of my bosses took photos of me instead of paying attention during the ceremony… 😉 Here’s one of the photos he took.

3. I miss these ladies so! We stayed a little later when we were done shooting so I could hang out with my old work crew! It was so much fun!

4. James got me new headphones for my birthday. They are the big kind that go over your ears and they are white. This was a photo of  Chloe’s reaction to me wearing them for the first time. (This is after she initially stopped about 5 feet away… here she had gotten up the courage to come closer. haha)

5. What a typical lunch looks like around here. Yes I like a little bagel with my cream cheese and feta. 🙂

6. Totally comfy. You know…


1. I started to get sick after Irene & Michael’s wedding (turns out something was going around) and so GIANT vats of tea became my drink of choice in hopes of getting better.

2. After Luke & Laura’s wedding we had a celebratory glass of champagne when the clock struck midnight (my birthday)!!! (Little did I know this would be the only drink I’d have for a while…)

3. Birthday lunch & dinner while sick on the couch the next day. (Apparently the tea didn’t work.)

4. My 2nd set of birthday gifts from James. haha. At least he threw a Twix in there! Birthday celebration plans were put on hold for a while as we spent the majority of the next week trying to get healthy.

5. Chloe, however, didn’t get that I wasn’t feeling well or that I needed to work when I was okay enough to be at the computer. Play with meeeee!!!!

6. James’ newest recipe/my favorite thing: Fried chicken on a pretzel roll with cheese, lettuce, pickles, and a splash of BBQ sauce. YES.


1. FINALLY feeling better and out for birthday drinks with friends in the city!

2. A little break from work for some snuggles. She looks stoked about it – doesn’t she?! 😉

3. This cat was planning to kill Chloe and I on our daily walk… clearly. Thank goodness I spotted it from afar – took a photo – then crossed the street. haha

4, 5 & 6. I finally got a real birthday celebration with people we love back in Madison when we were up there for Sarah & Aaron’s wedding!


1. What things usually look like when we’re up in Madison (i.e. staying at my sister’s). James somehow fits on the couch downstairs with an 80 lb dog & a 55 lb dog. (And I get the air mattress to myself… lol)

2. These. Kids. <3

3. Chloe is pretty much THE BEST around them too. I mean… seriously.

4. We did our photo shoot with Caroline Ghetes this month! So fun!

5. Back home in Wisconsin for Carla & Brandon’s wedding – which happened to fall on my mom’s birthday weekend! We couldn’t celebrate with her on her actual birthday Saturday – so I made Sunday brunch – complete with baked pumpkin french toast and mimosas – of course!

6. This is just a small view of our pickle collection. We actually had 7 jars – but one was a duplicate jar and the other were Milwaukee’s Best. In this photo I was only meaning to show how each jar is a different type of pickle… lol.  Dill spear, sandwich slice, burger chips, minis, and bread ‘n butter chips. haha


And on to October we go!!!




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