Irene + Michael ~ Chicago Wedding Photography

I’m pretty sure I was grinning from ear to ear the entire day of Irene and Michael’s wedding! As I mentioned in their engagement post – these two and I go waaaay back (especially Irene). I’ve seen them from the very start of their relationship and heard all about “Irene’s new boyfriend” at work when they first started dating. I heard all about how much she liked him and things getting more serious. I did an ‘anytime session’ for them three years ago and witnessed first hand how perfect these two are together. (I’ll link to it here – only if you promise not to judge my photos from over 3 years ago too harshly! haha) I documented their proposal two years ago and was over-the-moon happy for them to take that next step! They stood in as the ‘bride & groom’ at my Advanced Workshop just over a year ago.

And now finally… FINALLY  – I documented them promising their forevers to each other and they got to be the real bride and groom, instead of just models! 😉

The entire day was just so beautiful… with their awesome friends and families surrounding them all day. And at the center of it all was these two amazing people – who are just as beautiful inside as they are outside. (And they are pretty GORGEOUS outside – so that’s saying a lot!!! haha) Their smiles light up a room and they bring so much joy to all those who are lucky enough to call them friends, and that was so evident all day. But enough from me – all this will hopefully be apparent in the images below! 🙂

Irene & Michael ~ James and I cannot thank you enough for giving us the honor of documenting not just this beautiful day in your lives, but so many of the days and moments leading up to it. Honestly, at this point you two feel like family to me, and LOVE that. 🙂 You each have something so special about you individually… You make people around you feel good about themselves, and you help others see the joy in all things. And because of that – together you really are something even more special. I know you will carry that joy for life, friends, and family with you wherever life takes you… and I’m certain you two will have a beautiful life together. xoxo ~ Christy & James


Irene – there are no words…



Just…. LOVE!!!



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