Irene + Michael ~ Chicago Engagement Photography

Irene and I go waaaaaaaay back. I can’t actually remember when exactly I met her (i.e. when she started working at the law firm I used to work for), but I know it was soon after I started. Way back then she was just a punk little teenager wearing baggy sweatpants & sneakers… haha. (Sorry – you know I had to tease you about that Irene!!) 😉

I heard all about when she and Michael first started dating and she told me how crazy she was about him preeeeeeetty quickly! (Our cubicles were next to each other so we talked about all sorts of stuff!) I saw her grow up from sweatpants & sneakers to a beautiful woman right before my eyes, and it was such an awesome thing to witness! 🙂 I photographed a little anytime session with these two lovebirds way back in 2010, and they were (obviously) adorable together. And I felt like I was along on the journey with these two as they purchased their first place together – hearing about all the ups and downs of the process every day at work… 🙂

I saw all along how happy Michael made her, and lucky for me – I also saw (and documented) the day Michael asked her to marry him! Since then these two have modeled for my advanced workshop (hello hotties!), and now we finally got to do their “official” engagement session (their 4th time in front of my camera at this point – so you know they’re old pros at it by now)! This time though they brought along their sweet pup, Marz, who sadly had suddenly been diagnosed with lymphoma and wasn’t doing so well. It broke my heart to hear about the tough time these guys were having, especially since I know the pain of having a sick pup and not being able to help them feel better…

Thankfully on the day of the session this little guy was in the best mood and feeling better than he had been in a while. I’m SO thankful I was able to capture these sweet moments between the three of them because I know how much these images mean to them, especially now that sweet Marz has passed away.

Irene and Michael – I hope these images bring you guys joy and remind you of the good times you had with Marz! I just loved how he tagged along after you all session and whenever we didn’t need him for a photo – he was standing right beside you guys – keeping an eye to make sure I wasn’t up to any trouble with his mom & dad! haha. Love you two so much! XOXO


Little dude always giving me the sideways glance! Haha. Sooo cute.



I just love love love these guys!!!


Happy weekending everybody! We’re back to it with a wedding this weekend after having the past couple weekends off from weddings. I’m so excited to get back to it! See you all Monday!


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