The Great Blueberry Pie Fiasco ~ Chicago Lifestyle Photographer

My oldest nephew LOVES pie. If I could make the word “loves” as big as the room to emphasize how much he LOVES pie, I would.

Because this kid? He   L.  O.  V.  E.  S.   pie!!!! For reals.

When my sister and brother-in-law arrived late Monday night for their annual visit to Chicago I had just started making blueberry pie (because James also loves pie – especially this blueberry pie – and he apparently only wants me to make it when other people can help him eat it … because otherwise he’ll eat the whole thing himself. Hence, why he suggested I make blueberry pie for “the kids” this week. haha.) Anyway – I had just started making the pie and it was nearly 10:30pm. My nephew walked in and I told him what I was up to and his face lit up.

P.  I.  E.

I had said the magic words. He apparently also loves blueberries (which I was unaware of), and he had never had blueberry pie before. The combination of two of his favorite things?! AMAZING.

He asked if we were going to eat the pie tonight and I enthusiastically told him, “No… we’re going to have it tomorrow after dinner for dessert! I’m just making it now so it is ready for us to eat tomorrow.” He looked visibly disappointed, but after convincing him it would be worth the wait, and telling him we could watch part of a movie before they went to sleep – he gave in. 🙂

A little while later when the pie had finished and the kids had mellowed out enough for bed after their power naps on the long ride to the city, James and I found ourselves in the kitchen alone (since my sister and Will were putting the kids to bed). James said, “I hope you realize we’re having pie tonight!” (Hello pie-crazed husband!) I attempted to convince him otherwise (only momentarily because you know I wanted some pie too!) and then agreed we could eat TINY pieces only, to ensure we had enough left for everybody tomorrow.

We were in the midst of dishing up our pieces of pie when Jenn and Will came out of the guest room. I said… “We’re having pie! Only small pieces, don’t worry. Do you guys want some?” They paused for a moment, considering the same thing I did… Was this okay to do when we had told oldest nephew we were having pie tomorrow?  And then the same realization hit them too… They wanted pie now. And we’re old enough to handle the sugar overload and still sleep… so let’s do it!

Yeah!! Sometimes being adults is awesome!! haha.

We got our pieces dished up and all had a bite or two of pie while talking about how Oldest Nephew would freak if he saw this, when we heard a noise coming from across the apartment. My brother-in-law (who was in eye sight of the guest room) got a panicked look on his face, and hurriedly pushed his pie across the counter toward me (out of view of the guest room)  and said politely “What’s up bud?!”

My sister and I met eyes and immediately realized our worst nightmare had come true – Oldest nephew had woken up, was coming to the kitchen and would find his assumptions were true… Adults DO have way more fun once the kids go to sleep!!! And worse yet – they were eating the pie they had promised wouldn’t be eaten until tomorrow night!!! 

Before I could fully digest what was happening… I grabbed as many plates of pie as I could handle and shoved them in the cupboard near my feet, grabbed the pie pan that had clearly been cut into and put it on top of the fridge out of eye sight, and tried to play it as cool as possible. I was getting flashbacks to parties in college where the cops showed up and everybody panicked and ran, and I’d run right along with them until I realized 3 blocks away while jumping over a fence… Hey, I’m older than all my friends and I am actually 21!!! Why am I running?! 

I looked up after hiding all evidence to find that Will had approached my oldest nephew near the bedroom door, had completely diverted him from the situation, and gotten him back to bed before he even got close to seeing what all four of us were up to in the kitchen.

Will joined us (solo) back in the kitchen and we all breathed one giant sigh of relief and then laughed our faces off… We seriously were so frightened of a 7-year-old finding us eating pie in the kitchen that we panicked and hid all evidence!! hahaha! I’m not going to lie – in that moment my heart and mind were racing… How could I cover this up?! What could we do to avoid this serious situation?! 

Oh man.

I still can’t help but laugh for way too long when I look back on it. I wish we had the entire thing on tape, because it. would. be. CLASSIC.



We closed out our night laughing over our fear of a 7-year-old finding us out, while eating the world’s most delicious pie… which I dare say tasted even sweeter after that fiasco!


. . . . .

*Please excuse my terrible pie photos. These images were taken with my iPhone the first time I made this pie and was clearly too busy eating delicious pie to take quality photos. haha

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