Christy Tyler Photography Workshops ~ Day 2 ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

Yesterday I chatted about the beginner class and our little pizza party/mixer. Now, today is all about Day 2 – the advanced class – Photography as Business workshop! I realized as I was going through the images from Day 2 that I was not nearly as good at remembering to take photos as I was on Day 1, so I’m using a few pics that my lovely attendees shared with me! (Thank you ladies!)

Day 2 covered a LOT of information. I’m debating for next time on either making this workshop longer, or breaking it into two days. It was a lot to cover in one day and because I want to make sure that those who come aren’t totally overwhelmed and that they’re able to process everything – I may stretch this information over more hours (and add a few more things to cover as well). We shall see!

After this workshop wrapped I was the ultimate over-analyzer (surprise, surprise). I worried it was too much. I worried it wasn’t enough. I worried I did things wrong. I worried my attendees hated it. But thankfully, after a sending out a little post-workshop survey – I was finally put at ease. Overall, I think it was a big success!

We had fun, and everybody learned a lot (including me!)! We talked about everything from finding the right client for you, my business mottos/advice, branding, client meet-ups… all the way to off-camera lighting, finding light, posing/interacting with clients, shooting a styled shoot with beautiful bride and grooms models, and wrapping the day up with mini-sessions for each of the attendees – so they could experience being on the other side of the camera! 🙂

I honestly cannot wait to see what these women do with their business after having attended the workshop – and I am so excited to be their biggest cheerleader – here to support them along this crazy & amazing journey!

Here are some photos from throughout the day! 🙂


The ladies – looking deep in thought… or still waking up, perhaps? 😉

The lovely Zipporah graciously modeling for us during the off-camera “reception/dinner” portion of the workshop!

And the ladies during the “reception/dancing” portion of off-camera lighting!

Behind the scenes of the urban styled shoot!

And a few more courtesy of Ester of Ester B Photography! (Thanks love!)


And now – my images of the gorgeous Irene and Michael from the styled shoot! We headed out just after lunch – in pretty much bright, midday sun – so everybody would learn how to deal with some of the harshest lighting conditions you may ever have. (As you’ll see.) 🙂

But before I show them – I must give the hugest THANK YOU ever to the amazing women who helped me pull this styled shoot together!!!

Formal wear courtesy of the amazingly talented, Kpoene, at Mignonette Bridal in Chicago (who makes custom designed bridal gowns)!!
Stunning makeup courtesy of the fabulous Pamela at Makeup by Pamela.
Irene’s beautiful hair courtesy of the lovely Debbie Petrielli.
The gorgeous bouquet & bouttonierre courtesy of Beth at Larkspur.

I cannot THANK YOU ladies enough!!! xoxo! 🙂

They do a really good job of making it look like it isn’t FREEZING outside – don’t they?!

Loved the pose on the right by Zipporah!

Goodness Irene!!

Love this pose that Brooke put them in!

Larkspur did a phenomenal job on these flowers! Gorgeous.

Debbie and Pamela rocked her hair and  makeup!

I’m totally obsessed with this dress by Kpoene! Look at that zipper detail! *sigh*

These two pull off totally adorable and drop dead gorgeous all at the same time – how is that?!

(Okay – so that ended up being a lot of photos! haha! I clearly could not pick my favorites very well!!!) 😉


And last, but definitely not least – the mini-sessions I did with my beautiful attendees at the end of the day!!! Aren’t they gorgeous?! Love these ladies!!

Ester of Ester B Photography


Zipporah of Zipporah K Photography


Brooke of Shutterboo Photography


And Jenn of Ribbons and Bluebirds


Love these ladies!! And cannot thank them enough for being a part of my first ever workshop! 🙂 xoxo.


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