Christy Tyler Photography Workshops ~ Day 1 ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

I was originally going to write this all into one post – but then I realized I have way too many photos to share – and way too much to say! (Shocking! ;-)) So I’m going to go day by day here, and give you a little round up of what went down! 🙂

I spent the morning running around prepping the house, and of course – documenting it all! 🙂

This is me being nervous/excited about my first workshops – and this is Chloe deciding to attack me for being excited! haha!

A more ‘normal’ photo…

My right hand man! Love him! 🙂

More little details…


Now – on to the workshop!! Day 1 of the workshops was a half-day Photography for Beginners class. It was geared towards people who had purchased a digital SLR, thought it was super cool, but then got increasingly frustrated as they tried to use it and slowly realized they didn’t know what any of the numbers/buttons/controls meant! 🙂

We started at the very beginning in this class and covered all the basics – lenses, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, exposure, histograms! And then we worked our way into more in-depth topics – types of light, qualities of light, directions of light, and how to find light. (I love light – can you tell?!) And then we moved even further in depth by talking about the focal point of an image and composition techniques you can use to create a beautiful image that draws your eyes to that focal point. I loved this part because it took things a step beyond just know how to use your camera…. beyond just taking a properly exposed and in-focus picture – to creating art! 🙂


Then we wrapped up the day by wandering around outside (in the chilly temps) for a bit – snapping some photos utilizing all the new knowledge the ladies had under their belts!


I had SO much fun with these ladies! It was refreshing for me to go back to the basics and talk about all these things I learned what feels like ages and ages ago. Like they say in sports – go back to the fundamentals! It’s all about knowing the fundamentals! So it was great to tap back into that and remind myself of all these things as well! 🙂

After the beginners class I hosted a little pizza party/mixer for the attendees from both days to hang out – get to know each other – and just have a good time! We had some wine, some bubbly, and some good old Chicago pizza!!! 🙂 We hung out and talked about anything and everything – and at the end of it all – we let Chloe come out and kiss everybody. 🙂 haha


Now I’m hungry for Giordano’s again! Yum.

We went outside to get a few photos of the group – and well…. your standard “everybody smile”  picture just wasn’t our style…. 😉

Chloe needs to learn restraint. Not everybody wants to make out with her! 😉


So. Much. Fun!!

Stay tuned for Day 2 – Photography as Business workshop – tomorrow! 🙂


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