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Here we are again you guys – at the beginning of another month! (What?!) But it’s okay – because I love May. The weather is usually nice (mostly), lilacs are in bloom (although they may already be bloomed & gone this year thanks to our weird temps this spring!), photo sessions are picking up, but not SO busy that I’m losing my mind… and it is James’ birthday month & our anniversary month! YAY!!! Clearly, May should be a good month.

Anyway – before we run full-steam ahead into May – let’s take a look back at what April was like in the Tyler household! 🙂 Here’s another installment of monthly tidbits! 🙂


1. My favorite pasta salad ever. I made up this recipe years ago by throwing all my favorite things together. It’s basically a Greek salad with pasta, sort of. It is delicious. <3

2. Bowling back in my hometown over Easter!

3. And this little man cheered us on while we rolled some thunder! How cute is he?!

4. Chloe in clothes.

5. Chloe trying to get out of clothes.

6. Workshop nails! First ever workshops call for glitter, duh.

7. Chloe thinks the couch is a bunk bed.

8. Pretty Easter eggs! I love making them this way and seeing how they turn out! 🙂

9. Chloe. Laying on James. Again.

10. Someone found the sunny spot.

11. Her new favorite place to be nosy.

12. I bought a ton of old school Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese last time we went grocery shopping. Not sure what got into me, but I was feeling nostalgic, I guess! 🙂


1. Date day begins! We went to see a matinee of The Hunger Games! (Which it turns out – is only $5 on weekdays at the theater near our place! The perks of working weird hours!) 😉

2. This theater also has an INSANE amount of drink choices. Click on any of those buttons and 10 more flavor options pull up for each drink! No. Joke.

3. Home to grill out some burgers after the movie! 🙂

4. Date day fell went all the way into the next morning when I decided to make us French toast for breakfast. Totally delicious. (And I finally pulled out that Joy of Cooking book I’ve had forever!)

5. Ranunculus + wax flowers = *love*

6. When she gets in trouble with me – she runs to the couch and jumps behind James (like this). As if he’ll protect her! Ha.

7. Heaven in a grocery store.

8. More pretty nails! My workshop nails didn’t even last 2 days. (Darn professional manicures!) So I did my own and they lasted 5 days! (note to self)

9. Wedding season has officially begun! And that means driving to Wisconsin for the occasional wedding. Which can only mean one thing…

10. Someone didn’t want to get out of bed.

11. Turkey reuben + avocado on the side. Oh yes.

12. Chloe was my workshop prepping helper. 🙂 Or maybe more like watcher… seeing as all she did was sit there and stare at me and occasionally sniff the boxes I was putting together. 🙂


Happy May everybody! I’ll see you with another installment of monthly tidbits before we know it! 😉


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