Donovan Family ~ Wisconsin Family & Baby Photography

As you saw in the post from yesterday – I was busy taking photos back home while I was in Wisconsin for the Easter holiday. Not only did I get to see family – but I got to spend some time with my dear friends too! I’ve known Jeanna since we were 14 (is that right?!)… so… going on 16 years now?! Wow. ANYWAY – let’s go ahead and pretend we’re not that old yet and talk about how adorable her little family is! Every time James and I see Jeanna, Mark and their little cutie-pies we leave wanting kids of our own. It is dangerous hanging around them, to say the least! 😉

We spent Saturday afternoon with the Donovan clan at my parent’s house taking some photos to mark Rowan turning 1 (already?!) and then headed to the local bowling alley to roll a little thunder. (It was Lidean’s first time and she LOVED it!)

Check out some of the photos from our day! These kids are seriously too freaking cute.


Off to the alleys we go!

We’ve always been special… haha… age won’t change that! 😉

Lidean was such a good sport! Congratulating everybody on a good job! 🙂

She’s a goof just like her mama!

And Rowan ended the night with a good belly laugh… ha! 🙂


Love them!! <3


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