Marathons & The First Day of School ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

Oh – my – goodness!!

I seriously cannot believe this weekend is already here – and that I’ll be hosting my first ever workshops on Saturday and Sunday! (EEEEEEeeeeee!!!!!!)

I’ve realized throughout the planning/prepping process that I apparently can’t do anything halfway. Nope. I couldn’t have just hosted ONE workshop. I had to host TWO…. and why not throw in hosting a pizza party/mixer Saturday night in there while we’re at it too?! haha 🙂 It dawned on me on Monday that I probably would have been done prepping a week ago had I just decided to host one. But no. I don’t do anything part of the way…. I go ALL OUT people!!!  (Sorry if I’m scaring anyone today – I may have actually lost my mind this week?? Possibly? Which should make things interesting this weekend! haha) 🙂

This is not to say that I’m not excited about this weekend…. Because – oh my goodnessI AM.

These last two weeks have felt a bit like running a marathon on a daily basis, and also like the build up to the first day of school – all in one. I’m exhausted, but I’m also SO EXCITED about it all that I literally can’t sleep! I have a feeling that come this Sunday night I’m going to sleep like nobody has slept before.

In the meantime – I’m finishing up Powerpoints, tying up loose ends, running errands, stocking the fridge – and more than anything – I’m bursting at the seams excited about meeting and hanging out with 8 lovely ladies this weekend (coming in from all over the place – including DC, Louisville, Champaign, & Milwaukee!! No pressure.)

I can’t wait to tell you guys all about it next week! Until then – back to staring at this Powerpoint presentation…


Happy weekending everybody! See you Monday!! 🙂


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