Sneak Peek: Christy Tyler Workshops ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

Oh my goodness you guys. Here I sit on Sunday night… the ladies from my Chicago photography workshop just headed out and I can’t even begin to wrap my head around this weekend.

All I keep thinking is – I hope to goodness I made a difference in all 8 of these women’s lives I hope they feel this was a valuable investment in their lives and businesses. And: I can’t wait to see all the places they go from here!

I’m overwhelmed that people came to learn from me, and humbled that I learned just as much from all of them as they did from me! And I’m of course overwhelmed by all the support I received preparing for and putting on these workshops. I need to say a big thank you to the following amazingly talented women/businesses:

Kpoene at Mignonette Bridal for outfitting our bride & groom!
Beth at Larkspur for giving us our amazing bouquet and boutonniere!
Pamela at Makeup by Pamela for making Irene and Michael look even more fabulous than normal!
Debbie Petrielli for styling Irene’s hair into the most beautiful thing that I’ve never seen before! *sigh*

And of course a huge thank you to Irene & Michael for being complete troopers and modeling for us in freezing cold/windy Chicago weather & looking absolutely gorgeous while doing it!

I’ll have more words to vocalize how wonderful everything was after I get a little more sleep I’m sure. (I haven’t slept well for the last week – excited much?! – but I’m hoping tonight will be different!)

In the meantime, while I digest all that happened, all the amazing women I spent time with, and all that I learned about myself – I’ll leave you with this little sneak peek from our styled shoot for the Advanced Workshop:


Okay, fine…. one more!!! 🙂


More soon!!!! EEE!!! 🙂 xoxo!

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