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As all you regular readers know – we got to spend lots of quality time with family this past August thanks to our wedding season schedule working out in such a way that we had some mid-season down time!! It was the perfect way to regroup, catch up on editing, and catch up with family & friends!

My sister and her family came to stay with us for a few days, and we made it up to Wisconsin for a Brewers game over Labor Day weekend too! But rather than tell you all about it – I’ll just go ahead and share photos from our family time!

To start – here’s a little mini session I did with the kids for their holiday cards while they were visiting us in the city. I sometimes wonder how it would go with someone who isn’t their Aunt photographing them… because man, the three of them at once were giving me a hard time – especially my oldest nephew! He’s at that age where he’s frustrated with photos and made the process take waaaay longer than it had to be. haha

Either way – they all are so adorable – I can’t be frustrated for long! 😉


Then I figured I should divide and conquer… which went really well…. 🙂

Disclaimer: I did not tell her to do ANY of these poses. She made all these faces, crossed legs, head tilt all on her own… at 3 years old. Oh man. We’re in trouble.

Then I got to this guy… whose first reaction to his solo photos were photos #1 & #2. hahaha 🙂 And then the sad eyes in #3. Yes – he has got those sad eyes DOWN!

Then he sighed and looked at the sky…

Then he glared… Then he acted indifferent…

And then…. this next photo happened!!!   Magic!!!! 🙂 (Clearly I said something super funny! Duh.)

I don’t remember this photo happening… but I loooove it. What a sweet moment with his dad!

Family photo time!!!


And then we headed to Foster Beach for a quintessential summer day! It was perfect. Little “Sunshine” just loves to give Uncle James a hard time – and that day it came in the form of running all the way down the beach into crowds of strangers… which we obviously weren’t okay with! But she kept trying and trying and running and running regardless…


And challenging Uncle James to come and get her! haha

And then she got tired of always being caught when she ran away and got frustrated (see photo to the right)… haha

And then… the tears. She was done being chased and just wanted to be held apparently. (Aww)


Back at our place the next day… enjoying a quiet morning before they headed back to Madison. These kids LOVE them some Chloe!



And here are a few snaps from our time at Miller Park with family over Labor Day weekend. 🙂 (A few of these are iPhone photos… forgive the quality!)


A player threw us a game ball!!! Yeah!! Littlest nephew was stoked!


Here’s hoping we can manage a similar break next summer!! It was amazing feeling balanced, spending time with loved ones, and getting a little break so when we started up our crazy fall wedding season we were really excited to get back out there shooting!


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