Role Reversal: Photographers’ Photo Shoot ~ Chicago Wedding Photographers

They’re up! They’re up!!!

Caroline blogged the session we modeled for today! It is up on her blog HERE. For the session, Caroline chose the outfits featured on her blog today since this was a creative/inspiration shoot for her and we were just along for the ride! 🙂 Then at the end we put on some of our regular clothes and got to do some lifestyle shots together for us to have too, which was so nice of her!! 🙂

I loved working with her and noticing how she sees the world so differently than I do!! She is so super talented and did the best job of making James and I comfortable (because lord knows we can be super awkward in front of a camera!), and she really helped our true selves to come out. We laughed so much together during the session and I just LOVED that.


Here are some of the lifestyle shots she did for us at the end – which I just LOVE! And make sure to hop over to her blog to see more of the rest of the session HERE!

All photos by Caroline Ghetes below!! 🙂


Also make sure to check out Caroline Ghete’s website and other posts on her blog and show her some love! (I’m especially obsessed with her most recent wedding post on her blog! Oh my word… just. Go see.)


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